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Today's blog title comes courtesy of Mangapanda's shit translation. You guys never fail at doing what annoys us the most.

These cover pages are pretty random, and I think I like that. We have a happy couple celebrating a princess' birthday (does this mean Monday will become Mansherry's birthday?)

So Sabo drives in the final nail in the coffin with Burgess (hopefully...). Burgess uses the same guilt tactic Doflamingo used on Law in Chapter 768, so I was never quite interested in it. We see as the Blackbeard Pirates' operation literally goes down in flames, and it was a comical way for it to go. And considering what's happening to Doffy, I seriously doubt all the theories that say Burgess'll get the Ito Ito.

For once the Marines don't spaz out as they swiftly capture everyone including a still eyeless Doflamingo. For all this hiding, there had better be SOMETHING special about Doffy's eyes. And it's good to see that our favorite executive is still here on the physical plane, though it seems he will be in cuckoo land a while yet.

Despite signs that a completely new ruler would be crowned at the end of this arc, it seems that our good friend Riku Dolt has been elected to a second term in office. After all, how can anyone become king nowadays without a democratic election?

And Issho and all the Marines bow down and apologize for sitting on their asses and making bad gambling analogies for the past forty chapters. I guess they finally felt the pain of Sabo and Issho's victory.

Also, I think this is the first time we've seen a place other than Dressrosa since 731, which is certainly a breather.

Despite a continued lack of Doffy eyes, this was a decent falling action chapter that actually got stuff done. 7.7/10. What do you people think?

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