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Well, if Nova's blog got deleted, then I suppose I'll make a review blog.

Oda, troll master as always, gives us about two pages of explosion. Seriously, it mattered that little to Luffy, Law, and Doffy. It's probably not too early to say that Trebol is down for the count now. A rather inglorious way to go, but if it couldn't be forever, it had to go down in flames. And while it wasn't touched on at all, I did find it interesting how Doffy didn't save Trebol from his own explosion. Hey, two's a company, but three's a crowd.

The next solid chunk of the chapter is spent getting Law to medical care in a way that is just as subtle as Obamacare. Robin: Hey Doffy look, I'm stealing one of your moves! Why have strings when you can have forearms? Then, when Law gets down there, they somehow forget they have a princess who can heal things instantly and instead stitching him up? Wow. Much stupid Such sad Very doge Such wow. Oh welcome back Cavendish, by the way. We didn't miss you. If Barty is fangasming this much from Zoro, how much of a coma will he be in once Luffy unleashes the you-know-what?

Speaking of the you-know-what...

So first, we have Luffy unleash attack upon attack, only to get kicked into the ground. Then we get an obligatory reminder of the danger everyone is in. Then we get the reveal SO BIG, SO HUGE, SO PLOT-CHANGING THAT WE NEED A HIATUS TO SEE IT, GEAR IV

I can't say I'm surprised to see it here (I predicted it almost a year ago), but was it too soon? What is Gear IV, exactly? How effective will it be on Doflamingo? Was it planned out (aka flashback time) or was it made up on the spot? What the heck happened to Trebol? Where the heck is Sabo? Will Robin and her medical team realize the Mansherry plan covers a lot more than the Leo plan? Will the Birdcage mince anyone we know? Will...OK, I'm done.

So, what did you think of the chapter/Gear Fourth!/Law's medicare?

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Oh by the way this is my 75th blog so yay :)