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One Piece has taken us through a lot of twists and turns lately, but this chapter outdid itself. Maybe it's because I'm sick, but this chapter threw me for a loop.

First, we have Mansherry, whose personality pretty much is the same as Nami's. No sooner did I think she was a world class-level jerk than in the next page, Kabu uses his bug's intuition to reveal the truth to Leo, who's not taking any of it. I love the interaction between Leo and Mansherry; It almost reminds me of that between Luffy and Hancock except that Leo's not as pure-hearted as Luffy and just lets those insults flow. But before we are thankfully taken away from this mind torturing scene, we find that Jora still has plans...Yep, this arc is never going to end.

I now retract any statements I previously made about Mansherry, because this next scene with Senor Pink is just...whoa. I enjoyed the dynamics of Franky and the Senor's fight, because they completely ignore the founding principle that "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." But before we get to the climax, however, we have to endure another One Piece staple: Yep, a flashback!

I can't say I really wanted to see a Senor Pink flashback. I would've been fine with having him be weird for no reason, like Franky. I mean, Franky was weird even before the Tom incident, but Senor Pink has a rhyme and a reason. I mean, the reason why he wears baby clothes and acts weird is quite touching, but the entire layout of the flashback was not very original. Lie to your loved one, your loved ones hate you and die, you get hurt. Where have I not seen that. And seriously, Pink, if you're lying about your occupation, don't say you work for some place down the street that communicates with people. You could have said freakin' fisherman and I doubt whats-her-name would have found out.

So, after a flashback that seemed to be as long as an average One Piece chapter, the Franky-Pink fight FINALLY ends. I must say, the way it ended did feel a little lazy and reeked of writer's block. There would be no possible way that Franky wouldn't get up. It wouldn't suit the story.

I give this chapter an Invalid/10 for blowing my sick mind. Now you can give your thoughts on the chapter in the boxes that call themselves comments. Hopefully next time we'll see Zoro vs. Pica wrap up, after the hiatus that is most likely coming because it blew Shonen Jump's mind

Raaaaaaaaaaate this chapterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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