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<Please excuse the interruption of the Law-Corazon backstory. We shall now return to->

<We interrupt this program to bring you another backstory, this time about the Young Master himself>

I must say, I wasn't expecting the Corazon backstory to be inundated with two other backstories. However, like Law's story, I truly liked the Doffy backstory as it revealed more about the One Piece World and one of its best villains

Some notes on the chapter:

  • Cover Story: Meh again. I really liked Caribou's cover story because, hell, he's Caribou, and he's hilarious. I really cannot identify with a sea kitten looking for her lost city.
  • Doffy's childhood. I must say, when Doffy revealed how he was a World Noble and seemed to be crying over spilled milk, it was really hard to identify with him. Now, when we learn about the hatred Doffy's fellow citizens had for the World Nobles, it really starts to make sense why he is so psycho. I mean, if Kim Jong Un left office to live among his subjects, what do you think they'd do to him?
  • Law, the D: I've never really been that interested in the Will of D, as it hasn't really been elaborated upon much. Law being a D does kinda make sense, after seeing his actions and how he's gotten along with Luffy. What I'm really interested in, though, is why Doffy hates D's. We've seen in One Piece that all or almost all the known D's are opponents of the World Government, so why does Doffy hate them? Hmmm...
  • Corazon can talk! Not surprised at all. I don't think he could have made such an impact on Law if he couldn't talk.
    • Also, it's confirmed his real name ain't Corazon! It's Rocinante or something like that. This is a MangaPanda translation though so I don't know how it's exactly spelled.


  • Corazon don't have no Ope Ope no Mi
  • Doffy was blinded by the mob, and his eyes are a lot like Fujitora's. We'll see them after the flashback ends.
  • Corazon dies next chapter
  • I dunno...

Thoughts on the chapter?