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What happened to Corazon? What did Doflamingo steal from the World Nobles? All these questions answered (not really, just guessed on) in this prediction!

Title: I Will Kill You

Cover Story: Thanks for the info! On the trail of the sea monsters!

<We're back where we left off last chapter, with Law crawling back into the room where Corazon kicked him out. Also, Trebol and Diamante pull a dazed Corazon, the fire put out, into the room>

Diamante: Gotta be careful with that power, Corazon! Else we'll be paid a visit from you-know-who...

Law: You bastard! No one does that to me! I'LL KILL YOU, YOU LITTLE-

Trebol: Behehehe! I wouldn't do that, young boy! Otherwise, you'll have a lot less than three years left to live!

<Corazon beckons to Diamante, who understands what the mute man wants>

Diamante: Well, actually, you're in luck! Corazon wants to test you newbies' skills. Let's see how well you can fight him.

Buffalo: Hold off a second, Law. Me and Baby 5 will show you how it's done!

Trebol: Do both parties agree to forfeit their lives? Of course you do! Start!

Baby 5: Hey Corazon! What's that behind you?

Corazon: Huh-Waah!

Buffalo: Haha! Master, my butt! This is too easy!

<Buffalo speeds toward Corazon, who is sitting on the ground dazed, with Baby 5 looking on several meters back. Buffalo triumphantly lands the hit, sending his target flying back. However, not everything is as it seems>

Buffalo: BABY 5? HOW DID I HIT YOU??

<Baby 5 lies on the ground in a daze. Corazon, meanwhile, is sitting where Baby 5 used to be, chuckling and lighting a cigarette>

Buffalo: How-how...

Diamante: You may not see it, but look are in Corazon's bubble, made with the power of the Ope Ope no Mi! Step in it, and you're completely at Corazon's mercy!

Law: Bubble or no, I'm still gonna kill you! Aaah! <Rushes forward, sword in hand>

<Corazon barely looks up from his cigarette as he pulls out his sword>

Corazon: Shambles

<Several hours later, Law's head is resting on a shelf. His other body parts are lying several feet below on the floor>

Law: That bastard! I'll kill him once I'm put back together! He better put me back, or I swear...

Diamante: Uhahahaha! Don't worry, we'll get you back to normal the next morning. In the meantime, "use your head" on how to defeat Corazon! Uhahahaha!

Law: I don't get it. Why do the other crewmembers give Corazon so much respect? He seems like a clumsy, good-for-nothing piece of crap.

Diamante: Appearances can be deceiving, young Law! In truth, Corazon plays a major role in the Donquixote family, and...almost all of us owe our lives to him.

Machvise: Outta the way! Pink's in trouble! Where's Corazon?

<Machvise is carrying a bloodied Senor Pink, and lays him out on a table. Corazon comes racing through the door, but not before tripping>

Machvise: Oh, Corazon-san, it was horrible! Senor Pink was hanging out with the ladies from the seedy section of the island-you know they're the most passionate-when one of them stabbed him! Oh, the horror!

Law: They're giving him to that oaf? Ha! This should be a bloody spectacle!

<However, at that moment all clumsiness has gone from Corazon. With the utmost dexterity, he summons a room around Senor Pink and has his wound completely healed in a matter of seconds>

Law: Wow...maybe I misjudged him...

<Corazon starts to walk out of the room, when he notices Law's head, and promptly flicks it off the shelf>

Law: I take that back. He is SO DEAD!

<Law is put back together the next day, and is hungry for blood. However, Corazon's company has a visitor today...>

Trebol: What brings your honored prescence here, Young Master?

Doflamingo: A little further away, Trebol, if you please...and I'm just here to see how our new recruit is doing. Corazon, why don't we get a little demonstration?

Law: All right! You're going down this time!

<Law moves behind Corazon and rushes for his back, when he suddenly freezes. Corazon then sends him flying into the wall>

Diamante: Uhahaha! That Ope Ope no Mi is unstoppable!

Law: YOU-BASTARD!!!! I-WILL-KILL-YOU....!!!!!! <he prepares to shout more, but collapses to the ground in exhaustion>

Doflamingo: So you want to kill my brother, eh? Fufufufufu! Not without training you won't! I'll take you under my wing, young Law...and if you can defeat Corazon, I may give you his position!

<Law is ecstatic at this opportunity, and as Doflamingo departs, Law notices Corazon looking at Doflamingo, as though he has unfinished business to do...before Buffalo and Baby 5 trick Corazon into tripping>

<A year passes, and Law alternates between training with Doflamingo and fighting Corazon. While he steadily manages to improve, Corazon maintains his superiority, often with Law cut into pieces. One day, Law almost manages to strike Corazon before he is defeated>

Law: Hehe...Doflamingo's training sure has paid off! Soon I'll kill you and take your place!

<Suddenly, Corazon's face turns very, very dark. He lifts up his sword, and cuts Law into smaller pieces than he ever did before>

Diamante: I hope we got all your parts in the bucket! Let this be a lesson...Corazon hates the mention of Doflamingo! No one knows why, but they are brothers...I wonder...

<Several more months pass, and Law continues to grow in power. However, he is not content with just facing Corazon in a fight during the day, and starts making several attempts to assassinate him. However, it still ends the same way. Eventually, Corazon gets so fed up he throws Law's pieces in the garbage disposal. However, after Law is fished out and put back together, shouts and screams beging ringing outside>

Lao G: We're under attack by another pirate crew. Get to your battle stations! <Heads off>

Diamante: Er, the battle is this way, Lao G.

Trebol: Looks like you get to put your skills to the test against other opponents, kid!

Law: That's right...I'm gonna stab 'em, cut their legs and arms off, and gut them...

<The Donquixote Pirates rush off to meet the enemy in battle, Law among them. Law gets his first blood, easily stabbing one of the crew members. However, his bloodlust is not satisfied by this puny weakling, and Law notices the captain, who is fighting on par against Diamante and Lao G. Yes...this will satisfy him very much. Law races for the Captain, pushing Diamante and Lao G away. They shout to him, but Law pays no attention. However, the Captain swings his signature club at Law's legs, and Law is out in a flash. Several hours later, he wakes up in a haze. He could tell this was Corazon's quarters, and makes out the fuzzy shapes of Corazon, Doflamingo, Diamante, and Trebol above him>

Trebol: I see, eh...That's too bad. He had a lot of potential.

Law: What's going on?

Diamante: For his legs to be so damaged that even your powers can't heal it, Corazon-san...He really has no hope.

Doflamingo: It is truly a shame...he only has a year and a half left to live, and he'll spend it all being a useless burden.

<Law regains his senses and his face drops in shock. What was the point of his life now if he could no longer fight? It may be better to just take his own life.,,Suddenly though, Corazon beckons to Doflamingo and signs, and the Donquixote officers understand his intent. They then all look at Law>

Diamante: Corazon-san has suggested...that you can still have a purpose. He can teach you the art of medicine.

Law: WHAT? I live to destroy, not heal! It would be better if I just died right now!

Doflamingo: It may not be best for Law to...anyways, he has till tomorrow to decide what he wants to do now...

<Doflamingo, Trebol, and Diamante leave the room, but Corazon remains to make sure everything is taken care of with Law. The lack of malice in his eyes toward the boy who had had nothing but contempt for him and frequently disturbed him shocks Law, as the boy begins to think about what he's really living for>

Law: When I was diagnosed with my illness and my parents, the governors of the White City, disowned me, I thought the only way I could be happy was to fight for my interests and no one else's. I spent all this time thinking that the only satisfaction could come from killing, but where has that gotten me? But Corazon-I've never done a good thing to him yet he carries on as if nothing happened. At the end of the day, who's happier? Me or him...?

<The next day, Doflamingo, Diamante, and Trebol return to Law's bed. Law has made his decision for his short future>

Law: I'm gonna study medicine under Corazon!

Diamante: Well, that's a good choice...<whispers to Trebol> Not like he had any other options.

Doflamingo: I suppose that is how it will be...

<Doflamingo looks clearly disappointed, but Law is unsure why. Doflamingo, Diamante, and Trebol depart, and Corazon beckons to Law. Their training begins, and as the months pass, Law grows more skilled in medicine and forms a good relationship with the man he once despised, but does notice one strange thing about Corazon>

Law: In all that time I spent training under Corazon-sama. whenever he's not teaching me he's always buried in some documents! I've no idea why, and when I tried to ask him he made it quite clear it was not to be discussed. But given how serious he is when he studies those documents, it's clear it's something big...

<One day, Corazon leaves on a top-secret business item, which Law is sure has to do with the documents. Corazon makes sure Law understands to keep this a secret at all costs, and this is about to be tested when Doflamingo comes barging in half an hour later>

Doflamingo: Why hello, Law. You haven't happened to see Corazon around, have you?

Law: No, sir, I haven't seen him all day.

Doflamingo: Are you sure...?

Law: Honestly! I swear! I haven't seen him today!

<Doflamingo looks like he wants to strike Law, but stops>

Doflamingo: Very well then...

<Doflamingo leaves the room, but Law gets a glimpse of his eyes. They look bloodthirsty like never before. Later, Corazon comes in, and says nothing. The next morning, however, Law awakes to find Corazon gone, and when he gets his hat he notices there is a note in it>

Note: Law, for several years I could never find a person to confide the real truth in. However, your actions last night, coupled with some of my findings, have made me decide to trust you with the truth. Be warned: This will reveal things about Doflamingo and this family that you do not want to hear. If you think you can handle it, take this key attached and put it in the one crack in the wall. You will find all the answers there. Even if you don't do it, I just wanted someone else to case I die today...

<Law, with a shock, immediately takes the key and puts it in the single crack he finds by the door. Inside is...a Den Den Mushi. Law presses the single button on it, and it begins playing its prerecorded Corazon made several years ago>

Corazon: To whoever's hearing this, this is the truth about Doflamingo and what his true intentions are. Doflamingo knows that I know too much, and will most likely come after me soon. Whether I live or die, this will most likely be my final message, so here goes...10 years ago, my family was exiled from the World Nobles. Doflamingo never forgave our father or the World Nobles for this, and so...he recruited me and several other people to do what I thought was just a plea to rejoin the World Nobles. I was wrong. It's become clear that Doflamingo intends to destroy the world as we know it in his act of revenge. In the end, all that there will be is please, whoever is listening, know this about Doflamingo! His true aim is only to lead us to ruin! -cuts off-

<Law stands in shock from hearing the truth, but quickly mobilizes, knowing he must take action. He gets on his crutches and bounds down the halls, though in severe pain. Meanwhile, Corazon stands face-to-face with Doflamingo in confrontation>

Doflamingo: So, you finally figured it out, eh? But now what are you going to do, with your "accident" and all...

Corazon: That...was no

Doflamingo: Managed to regain some of your voice, eh? You would have blabbed about my true plans otherwise, so I had to destroy your vocal cords and imbalance your equilibrium as punishment!

Corazon: You-your plan-

Doflamingo: So the little detective's been on the case! It seems you still don't know the whole truth, though.

Corazon: noble treasure! It...destroy!

Doflamingo: True, true. I stole the World Nobles' most prized possession, something that could destroy the whole world if it fell into the wrong hands! As a matter of fact, it's right behind me! Would you like to see it? BEHOLD!

<Using his powers, Doflamingo pulls down a curtain covering part of the room, revealing his most precious treasure>

Corazon: A...PONEGLYPH???

Doflamingo: Not just any Poneglyph, little brother! This is special...for it speaks of the location of the third secret weapon, the terror of the sky, the URANUS! If I built this machine, I could conquer the world...which has made the filthy World Nobles who put themselves above everyone bow down to me in fear!

<Flash back to a 15-year-old Doflamingo, who is facing the World Nobles shortly after stealing the Poneglyph>

World Nobles: Kill him! He cannot be allowed to live!

Doflamingo: Fufufufufu! You puny blobs of fluff can't kill ME! You will give in to my demands!

World Noble: We shall send the admirals after you! All three of them and even the Fleet Admiral will rush in to destroy you when they find out what you've done!

Doflamingo: All right, then! Go ahead and kill me! I've hidden the Poneglyph in a location where the government can never find it! Left all alone, it's bound to be found by some pirate who will gladly use it! So as of now, you Nobles are officially bound to me!

Doflamingo, back in the present: Thanks to this, we have gotten privileges like never before from those cowardly dogs! However, unbeknowest to them, I need one more thing to fully achieve the power this Poneglyph holds. Which is exactly why I gave it to you over 20 years ago!

Corazon: You-you mean...

Doflamingo: Yesss...from the beginning, you were nothing but a pawn to help me in my quest for power! I cannot decode this Poneglyph yet, but I know there are sources where I can translate the Poneglyph's writing. However, getting to all of them would take well more than the normal human lifespan! So I needed you and your Devil do the Perennial Youth Operation on me, so I can live forever and bring hell upon this world!

Corazon: You will...never get do that! I-will-kill-you!!!

Doflamingo: Ah, Corazon, but I'm thinking you'll feel very compliant, after something comes crashing in in a few seconds!

<True to Doflamingo's word, Law bursts in, and promptly falls over in pain>

Law: Cora-san...

Doflamingo: You've invested a lot into poor, unfortunate Law here. I know you don't want him to die, and if you give me the Perennial Youth Operation, I will gain your powers, which I can use in conjunction with mine to heal Law's illness! But resist...and all your work will come to naught right here and now!

Law: No! We can't...let him destroy the world!

Corazon: You're right...Doflamingo...all right then...


Law: No...why...

<Corazon activates Room and begins the process. However, after several minutes, Doflamingo has felt no change and begins to get suspicious. Law, meanwhile, realizes his pain is fading and his legs are becoming stronger>

Doflamingo: Corazon! What are you playing at?

Corazon: I'm performing the Perennial Youth Operation-but not on you! I'm just a broken relic of the past...but at least I can give Law the defeat you!

End Chapter