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<we interrupt this program to bring you even further into the past, back when Law was even younger>


In all seriousness, though, even though I was somewhat disappointed we'll have to wait a little longer before we find the full truth, I still liked Law's backstory. Why?

The World Government is a bunch of ***holes. I'm serious. We haven't really gotten much of a look at the World Gov's ***holeness since the Straw Hats entered the New World. If these guys are supposed to be one of the final villains, we need reminders of the atrocities they commit. The destruction of the White City, which I won't name because the manga translators probably got it wrong, reminded me a lot of the Holocaust. So yeah, it was pretty terrible.

The Amber Lead: Greed is proving to be a major theme of the later part of the Dressrosa Arc. Doffy's full of it, so it would make sense that it would play a part in Law's backstory. And this version of greed takes things to another level. The World Government's actions as well as what the people of the White City did feels very familiar in a backstory context, but I can't pinpoint any specific one it's similar to, making it very familiar and original at the same time. While I honestly didn't give a **** about Law's family members. I mean, Lamy? (Forgive the Mangapanda-ese). But seeing Law's reaction to everyone he knew being burned, and seeing him having to hide in all the dead bodies felt very dark, even by One Piece standards.

I'm not sure if Oda knows or cares about the Ebola outbreak, especially the case in Texas, but for me as an American, reading about the World Government's usage of the poisoned people for their own ends before mercilessly closing them off and murdering them felt a little too close to home. It may have been unintentional, but what Oda wrote in this chaper actually may have a connection to real-life events and a possible lesson for the future. What if Ebola spreads across the United States? Will we see a similar course of action, with the safety of the rich being put first and the infected being mercilessly quarantined and executed? I sure hope not...Anyways, sorry for the overly long off-topic speech, but it's not often that I find connections like this.

Later, the chapter returns to the nearer past, when Law actually stabs Corazon and Corazon enters beast mode, you're dying to know what's gonna happen to Law-Oh! We're out of time for today, folks! Tune in next week, and hopefully we'll find out what Corazon will do to Law, what Doffy will do to Corazon, how Law will get cured, what Doffy's stolen treasure is, and maybe even find out why Doffy is currently sleeping with a book on his head!

Thoughts on this chapter?