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It's once again chapter prediction time, with your very special host, Kaido King of the Beasts <no applause whatsoever> My past few predictions have been rather wild and nonsensical, so it's time for a more down-to-earth (but still fun) chapter prediction!

Title: Rekindled

Cover Story: Found a sea mouse survivor!

Gladius: I can't believe that you trash think you can defeat the young master! Your bloated pride makes me...SO ANGRY!

<Gladius sends the nutcrackers in front of him>

Cavendish: If that's what you think, then you don't know me, Cavendish the Pirate Prince! Biken: Pirouette!

<Cavendish starts spinning wildly on his toes, slashing most of the nutcrackers to bits. The pieces then fall all around him>


<The pieces of the nutcracker begin to expand>

Cavendish: Huh? What's going-WAAAH!

<The nutcracker pieces rupture, but Cavendish is moved out of the way by Bartolomeo's barrier>

Law: We need to go, Cavendish! Robin and the other guy can deal with him! <Gladius' anger starts to boil up>

<Elsewhere, the bounty-hunting pirates and citizens attempt to climb up on the net to Usopp and his gang>

Lepanto: They're getting closer! I must go down there to protect my savior, God Usopp!

Kanjuro: That's right! Anything to protect the long-nosed man!

<Usopp eyes the mob, and immediately sees that attacking them directly would not be wise>

Usopp: Er, guys...

Lepanto: Do not make us cowards, God Usopp! We will gladly give our lives for you.

Usopp:'s just that I've got a better idea!

<Soon afterwards, Usopp stands at the edge of the plateau, facing the mob>

Riku: I'm not sure...I really hope this works...

<Usopp pulls out his Kabuto>

Usopp: It's the ultimate collaboration! POP ART!

<Usopp fires a white ball into the mob, who scatter away from it. Upon hitting the ground, the ball turns into a roaring beast, albeit a poorly drawn one>


Usopp: More incoming!

<Soon, the mob must contend with many poorly drawn birds, beasts, and venus fly traps. In the midst of all the chaos, Usopp, Riku, Lepanto, Viola, Kin'emon, and Kanjuro sneak towards the palace, all of them wearing disguises>

Lepanto: You truly are a God, to come up with a brilliant plan like that!

Viola: Now that I know where Mansherry is, we can take a bird up to the palace once we're out of this chaos!

<Elsewhere, the battle between the Donquixote officers and the Colosseum combatants rages on, with Dellinger and Machvise focusing on the Chinjao family>

Dellinger: You took on Vice Admiral Garp and have a bounty of over 500 million beli, yet this is all you can do? Pitiful! Narwhal Leap!

<Dellinger dives at Chinjao, and the old man barely manages to counter him>

Machvise: I ate the Masu Masu no Mi, allowing me to change my mass at will! I float like a butterfly... <Rises into the air, then falls on Sai and Boo>

Dellinger: ...and sting you like a bee! <Leaps at Chinjao, stabbing him in the midsection. A winded Chinjao struggles to get up>

Dellinger: Look at this weak old man getting pushed around in front of his grandsons. When you die, the only legacy your grandsons will get is of how weak their grandfather was! <Leaps, aiming for Chinjao's heart>

Chinjao: Even if that were my legacy, I know Sai and Boo would overcome it! <Thinks of Luffy and Rebecca> And even so, I'm not about to let that happen!

<Chinjao counters Dellinger with his spike head, the impact of which blasts Dellinger backward, causing him to crash headfirst into the wall>

Dellinger: NOOO! I'm stuck!!

<Chinjao, Sai, and Boo now turn to Machvise. Elsewhere, the Sabo-Fujitora battle rages on>

Issho: The fire thinks it can spread wherever it wants, unbound by anything! It's time you learned your place, "Flaming Dragon" Sabo!

<Issho unleashes a blast of gravity similar to the one he used to punish the swindlers, and Sabo starts finidng himself struggling to move. The nearby buildings also start to collapse>

Maynard: Even a Logia fruit does not compare to Admiral Fujitora's awesome power! With the power of the Genshu Genshu no Mi, no one can escape from him!

<Meanwhile, Diamante confronts Rebecca gleefully>

Diamante: Rebecca...the youngest of the Rikus...a family of weak, foolish, nothings. I relished killing your mother all those years ago, and I can't wait to dispose with the rest of you!

<Rebecca breathes heavily>

Diamante: Still grieving for your dear old mother? Typical for your weak family!

<Diamante lunges at Rebecca, but she calmly steps out of the way>

Rebecca: You may have taken my mother...but I still have family that has a thousand times more worth than you Doflamingo trash!

<Rebecca reaches out to trip the lunging Diamante, but the Donquixote officer makes his legs paper-thin and dodges her>

Diamante: I know how you fight, "Undefeated Woman"...passively dodging and using my own momentum against me. Well, I'm afraid that my momentum is left to the wind!

<Rebecca loses her balance from her failed attack and falls. Diamante grabs her from the back and covers her mouth>

Diamante: I'll have fun hearing you scream...let's see if you'll cry as loud as your mother did!

<Below, Luffy and co. prepare to get to Rebecca>

Law: Hurry! We need to get to the Rebecca girl with the key!

Luffy, on Farul's back: Giddyup, Cabbage's horse!

Farul: Whimper...


Law: How are we supposed to get up now?

Kyros: Hey, demon barrier guy! You could give us a ride on those barriers, couldn't you?

Bartolomeo, Yes, I could, but I'M NOT A TAXI SERVICE, YOU LITTLE-

Luffy: Hey Barty, mind giving us a lift to the next level?


<Soon, Luffy, Cabbage, Law, and Kyros are lying on their backs on top of Barty's barrier>

Luffy: Here we GOOOO!

<Elsewhere, Zoro and Pica continue to clash>

Pica: You think you have the upper hand? Time to turn the tables on you Straw Hat filth!

Zoro: What? I'm sinking!

<Zoro sinks into Pica's stone shell and goes far below into an underground tunnel. Some spikes are raised, and Pica laughs evilly>

Pica: You're dead, Straw Hat...for now, you are in MY territory!

ONE PIECE WILL GO ON HIATUS NEXT WEEK (betcha that at least comes true)