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Well, after the unexpected yet so natural Franky vs. Senor Pink fight, this chapter was relatively boring. Not too much plot development either, I'd say.

Forget Sabo taking on an admiral, forget Zoro taking on a giant stone guy, forget even the two, er-men rolling on each other, and especially forget about CORAZON, and buckle up your seats to see Robin's group doing beetle-enhanced parkour up the palace...only to fall off. Gladius then conveniently decides to appear, apparently deciding that fighting a dozen Colosseum juggernauts wasn't strenuous enough. Hey, Robin's gotta fight someone.

Yay, Sugar's back! I must say, her scenes were the highlight of this chapter. Her new fear of long things was hilarious, and will make sure that she stays a virgin the rest of her life.

So it turned out to be Sugar who created the overpowered puppets, who apparently are hungry for some horse meat. For a guy that includes animals in so many of his covers, Oda seems to have a penchant for animal cruelty. First Ucy, now poor old Farul. He's looking at you next, transportation beetles. And poor Law still has his handcuffs on. Good thing Robin *conveniently* fell out of the sky right where he is.

And speaking of *convenience*, how exciting is it that Rebecca ran right into Diamante. Mmmm, I'm getting a whiff of something...yep, the scent of plot device is in the air!

And all the while, Kanjuro proves that he will not be a good addition to the Straw Hats.

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Should Kanjuro commit Hara-kiri?

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