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After an incredibly grueling week of finals and an even more grueling wait for the next One Piece chapter, Kaido King of the Beasts has returned to the One Piece Wiki! <cannons go off, fanfare sounds, and nobody pays attention because they're all watching the World Cup> I'm back, with a chapter prediction so epic it has no chance of coming true! So stop, drop whatever you're doing, and read this!

Title: The Heart of the Matter

Cover Page: Cavendish and a swan look at themselves in a lake

<We see the battle of Dressrosa going on everywhere. The Colosseum combatants continue holding off the soldiers, Kyros keeps on killing, and Sabo boldly confronts Issho>

Issho: You claim that the World Government corrupt yet you Revolutionaries are allying yourselves with pirates! Now who's the actual corrupt body hear.

Sabo: Funny how you're saying that, given you're helping the man who put this country into ruins.

<Issho gets a pained expression when he realizes Sabo's truth, which leads the Marines to get angry>

Maynard: Die, revolutionary scum!

<The marines fire at Sabo, but the bullets pass through him. Sabo then roasts them>

Bastille: Outta the way! We'll deal with this scum!

<Maynard pulls out his knife and Bastille draws a giant sword as they leap at Sabo, Haki at the ready. However, Sabo counters with a Haki-embued fist, creating a mini-explosion and sending the two flying. Issho then steps up to fight Sabo>

Maynard, weakly: No...don't fight him, Fujitora...You're ignoring the true threat which will kill us all!

<Issho pulls out his sword, embuing it with both gravity and Haki, and lunges at Sabo. Sabo barely manages to counter it, and the standoff creates huge shockwaves felt all over Dressrosa, even on the cliffs>

Luffy: Whoah! Keep going to Doflamingo, Ucy, it'll be okay!

Law: No...we can't go to Doflamingo yet. There is...something else we must do.

Luffy: What are you talking about?

Law: Doflamingo's been doing something a lot worse than making SMILE Fruits. I only just found it out, and personal. It goes all the way back to when I first met Corazon!

<Flash back to 13 years in the past. Law is a teenager living on an island in the North Blue. This island is the spot of a centuries-old war between two enemy clans, and yet another devastating battle has happened, leaving the young surgeon to tend to many critically wounded people in a burning village>

Law, to an injured man: Don't worry, I won't let you die!

<The man can only groan, and despite Law's attempts to save him, the man soon dies. This causes Law to cry>

Law: Why? That's the sixteenth person I haven't been able to save! Is it my fate to watch this whole island die while being completely powerless to stop any of it?

<Suddenly, Law hears moaning not too far away from him. He turns to see a young woman lying on the ground, bloody and bruised. He heads toward her, wondering if he might be able to save her>

Law: Don't worry, lady, I'm not gonna let you die!

???: You have my thanks...what is your name, young man?

Law: Trafalgar Law, ma'am. I'm a surgeon, but everyone calls me the "Surgeon of Death" because most of my patients-er, die...but don't worry, I'm gonna make sure you survive!

???: Thank you, Trafalgar Law. My master will be pleased to hear about you.

<Several days after the battle, the young woman's injuries have been treated, and Law takes her to where her ship was docked. He is shocked to find it is a pirate ship, with a smiling Jolly Roger. The captain of the ship, a large blond man, then comes out>

Doflamingo: I see you made it out from your...accident, Baby 5. Now who is the young man with you?

Baby 5: This is Trafalgar Law. He nursed me back to health!

Doflamingo: A doctor, eh...Would you like to join my crew, Trafalgar Law? We always need a skilled doctor.

Law: Thanks, but I have a duty here-

Doflamingo: Listen. I've known about this country for a long time, and I know one thing: it will destroy itself, and there is nothing you can do about it. I'm gonna rule the world one day, and eliminate all pain and suffering, so join me!

Law: Well, when you put it that way...

Doflamingo: Take him to Corazon.

<Law enters Corazon's room, and sees a man who looks much like Doflamingo, only with brunette hair, a sharp chin, and sunglasses>

Corazon: You must be this "Law" my brother told me about. I suppose it's my duty to teach you medical skills.

<For many months, Law serves as Corazon's apprentice, learning advanced medical techniques and building a good relationship with the Donquixote executive. Corazon has the power of the Kino Kino no Mi, allowing him to control peoples' bodily functions, which he uses to great affect. One day, Corazon has a surprise for Law>

Corazon: Law, the Donquixote Family has decided to give you this Devil Fruit, the Ope Ope no Mi. With this, your powers as a surgeon will increase tenfold.

<As Corazon hands Law the fruit, he appears to hesitate as though he doesn't want Law to have the fruit, but still quickly hands it to him>

Corazon: May you use-this power-well, and maybe-eventually take my place-in the-Heart seat!...<begins to sob, but quickly stops, confusing Law greatly>

Law: Is anything wrong, Corazon-sensei?

Corazon, in a forced tone: No...everything's all right, believe me...

<Law exits the room, as Corazon continues to make occasional gasping sounds, quickly stopping after each one...For the next few months, Corazon trains Law to use his Devil Fruit, until Law can perform a full surgery from 50 feet away. As Law prepares to go to bed after the surgery, however, he hears full sobbing coming from what seems to be Corazon's room. He quickly races there to find Corazon in hysterics>

Corazon: No Law! It's a trap! Doflamingo-he'll kill us all!

<The room is lit up by a single lantern, which light up the strings holding Corazon. Law is shocked to see them>

Law: What's going on here?

Corazon: I never willingly joined the Donquixote Pirates. In fact, I was supposed to be the captain. You see, after mine and Doflamingo's mother died, our father changed his will. Even though Doflamingo was the eldest, our father left me the inheritance of the World Nobles. We had...noticed some things about Doflamingo, you see. He wasn't mentally stable and Father was worried that it would lead to ruin. However, neither of us knew how enraged Doflamingo was at this. He bought a Devil Fruit in an auction and used it to kill Father...then he turned me into a human puppet, so I could never get my inheritance.

Law: Why didn't he just kill you?

Corazon: Because he needs me...and he needs you too, Law. Why do you think he gave you that Devil Fruit? He has a plan so unnatural, it should never be witnessed on this world. He forced me to train you, always choosing my words and actions for me, so he could use both our powers...for this.

<Doflamingo is heard cackling from a dark corner in the room>

Doflamingo: Good, good, Corazon...<removes his shirt> Now that Law knows what's happening, let's get started...

<And so began several months of indescibable torture, as horrendous acts were forced upon Corazon and Law. Finally, Doflamingo decides that Corazon and Law have served their purpose and prepares to execute them. Kneeling before Doflamingo, bruised and bloodied, with seastone handcuffs on, Corazon and Law are ready for death>

Doflamingo: Now, I'll give you guys one last decision. Which one of you shall die first?

Law: I-

Corazon: The answer is obvious! I shall be the first to well as the only one!

<Having clotted gallons of blood in his wrists over several months, Corazon blows his hands up, freeing him from the handcuffs. He then turns to Law as Doflamingo struggles to realize what just happened>

Corazon: No matter what happens, run as far away from Doflamingo as possible! Now run!

<Law runs, with Corazon diverting extra blood to his legs to make him rocket away. As he goes farther and farther away, Law sees Doflamingo kill his brother. The scene shifts back to the present>

Law: I swore to only get total revenge on Doflamingo for what he did to us...but now I've learned why he had Corazon and I do those horrendous things...

<Cut to Zoro vs. Pica. After exchanging several blows, Zoro spots an opening>

Zoro: This ends now, soprano man!

<Zoro stabs Pica in the heart, and the executive falls to the ground. However, no sooner does Zoro turn his back than Pica quickly gets up and lunges at him. A shocked Zoro barely manages to counter in time>

Zoro: How-how...<looks at the hole in Pica's chest> WHERE'S YOUR HEART????

<Elsewhere, the Colosseum combatants continue laying waste to the Dressrosa soldiers, who have almost resigned themselves to their fate. However, in come Dellinger, Machvise, Gladius, Baby 5, and Lao G>

Machvise: Looks like it's time to help out now, eh?

<The five of them rush out to the fray, where the combatants quickly notice them>

Orlumbus: Ah, our first blood! Admiral's Hug!

<Orlumbus gets Dellinger in his crushing hug, but Dellinger is unharmed, and kicks him away. In a blink of an eye, Cavendish slashes Dellinger all over, cutting open his entire midsection. There is no blood spilling. Dellinger only stands there, and laughs>

Cavendish: Impossible! You should be dead! I cut all your major organs!

Dellinger: Ah, but I don't have any major organs! None of us do!

Cavendish: How-

<Cut to Doflamingo, sitting in his palace with the Den Den Mushi>

Doflamingo: It's time...after all these years, the operation of a lifetime is complete! Activate Operation SMILE!

<Cavendish and the other combatants turn away from the Doflamingo officers when they hear the sound of marching in the distance. What they see coming shocks all of them. Meanwhile, Senor Pink stops attacking Franky>

Senor Pink: the Young Master's plan has reached fruition! Now we can eliminate this!

<Senor Pink points to the Smile factory, and presses a button on the remote. Small explosions are seen erupting inside, destroying the Smile Factory. Franky is incredibly shocked>

Franky: What!? Why are you destrying your most valuable possession?

<Cut to Law>

Law: You see, Doflamingo hates the SMILE Factory just as much as we do. He only produces them because Kaido will kill him if he doesn't. That's why for the past 13 years, he's been working on a terrible experiment to become the most powerful pirate ever. Using mine and Corazon's powers, as well as Caesar's SAD, Doflamingo and all his subordinates have had all vital organs removed, making them nearly immortal. But that's not all. Doflamingo showed me when he captured me that he used his subordinates' organs to create an army of clones unlike any before...these clones are almost perfect replicas of their originals, and even have the same Devil Fruit powers!

<The Colosseum comatants stare in awe at the army of thousands of executive clones>

Law: Doflamingo doesn't need the SMILE Factory anymore...for now, he has the power to take on a Yonko!