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  • Sorry if this is somewhat long, I had a lot of inspiration for this chapter so I just decided to put it all down. Plus, it's only a semi-serious prediction anyways*

Title: Family Ties

Cover: Jinbe engages in a karate match with a Fighting Fish

<Pica continues to get larger as he comes out of the ground. Soon he is higher than any landmass on Dressrosa, and casts a shadow across much of the island, as the people look on in shock. Pica, however, is focused on only one person: Luffy, who has dared to make fun of him>

Pica: My voice? You think my funny, Straw Hat?

Luffy: Hahahahahaha! <Zoro, Law, and the Donquixote pirates with them drop their mouths in shock and anger> Yeah! It's to-

Law: No! No Pica, your voice is respectable! My fellow pirate here was laughing about my voice!

Pica: I will show no mercy to anyone who opposes the Donquixote Family...for who ever laughs at me, laughs at the Young Master himself!

Dressrosa citizen: Capturing these pirates is worthless! We'll all be killed if we get in between that giant earth guy!

<Most of the bloodthirsty citizens and pirates start running away, except for the ones controlled by Parasite, who continue to kill more people>

Zoro: Way to go, Luffy! As if we didn't have enough on our hands!

Issho: This is a dark time indeed, but justice will still be done!

<Issho overpowers Zoro quickly and uses gravity to pin the Pirate Hunter on the ground. Pica, meanwhile, is heading straight for Luffy, gathering more Earth and shattering much of the ground. Suddenly, someone flies out from the Colosseum, a giant ball of light>

Sabo: Take this! Fire....FIST!

<Before Pica can react, he is hit by the large pillar of flame. However, other than some of his face turning into mud, he is unharmed>

Pica: Three-star revolutionary Sabo...You will be eliminated, as soon as I finish off the Straw Hat!

Sabo: You'll have to get to me first...I've neglected Luffy for too long, and I'm not about to continue!

Luffy, for effect: SAAAABBBBOOOOOOOO!

<Pica and Sabo begin fighting fiercely, with both combatants struggling to gain an advantage. As Pica moves around, however, he shakes up more of the Earth, forming pits which catch up to the screaming citizens, making them fall. Issho immediately takes notice and suspends gravity at the pits, saving the citizens and turning his back on Zoro. Zoro, meanwhile, is struck with the beguiling opportunity to ambush the admiral>

Issho: I know what you're thinking, Pirate Hunter. Come on, then, attack me. I can't fight back. Show your true pirate personality and kill me, your biggest opposition. Do that, let these people die, and show the world who you really are!

<Zoro draws a sword, but quickly throws it down>

Zoro: I'm going to listen to me, not some admiral! I refuse to let these citizens die.

<Elsewhere, Luffy turns his attention to another sinkhole forming, causing many other citizens to fall>

Luffy: Oh no you don't! GOMU GOMU NO NET!

<Issho stands silent for a bit, but begins to laugh>

Issho: It's clear now who the real villain is, and it's not the people I was sent out to capture, but rather, the person I was sent out to assist. However, as long as the world government refuses to recognize this, I cannot go after him. Only someone...outside the law can take on this Shichibukai now.

Zoro: You'll let us go and defeat Doflamingo?

Issho: I had hoped not to stoop to such levels to end the Shichibukai position...but I'm sure justice will soon be done now!

Senor Pink: What are you doing, Fujitora? You were supposed to help us!

Machvise: It doesn't matter! We'll defeat the pirates anyway! <Begins to expand> I ate the Barun Barun no Mi, allowing me to take in gas like a balloon and crush everything in sight!

Zoro: I don't think so...

<Zoro quickly cuts Machvise with one sword, causing the Balloon Human to fly away, knocking into everyone else>

Luffy: You deal with these guys, Zoro! I gotta get to Sabo!

<Elsewhere, Kyros has reached his destination: The Colosseum, where he and Rebecca immediately spot each other. The two run toward each other and embrace>

Rebecca, crying: I'm so sorry for forgetting you, father! I should have listened to you!

Kyros: It's going to be okay now. Now all that stands between us is Doflamingo and his minions!

<Kyros and Rebecca are about to join the fight when a gunshot sound. Kyros sees it, and jumps in front of Rebecca, which makes him get hit in his left shoulder>

Rebecca: Dad!

Diamante: Dahahahaha! If it isn't Kyros, the undefeated warrior and son-in-law of the king! I challenge you...undefeated colosseum combatant to another! Face me...or your daughter faces the same fate as her mother.

Kyros, in pain: No...this ends here, Diamante!

<Cut back to Sabo fighting Pica. The fight remains at a stalemate, when Sabo sees Luffy rushing for him>

Sabo: Oh Luffy...I shouldn't have left you as long as I did.

<Cut to a flashback, 12 years in the past. Sabo, severely injured, is lying on a hospital bed>

Sabo: Unnggg...where am I? What happened to Ace...and Luffy?

Dragon: We found you floating in a shipwreck, left after the World Government attacked you with no other reason than their own amusement. You're lucky to be alive.

Sabo: I need to go! What if the nobles capture my brothers?

Dragon: You cannot go anywhere in your condition! Do not worry. We saved Luffy and Ace. <smiles> Luffy's my son, so I guess that makes you my nephew.

<Flash forward 2 years. After months of therapy, Sabo is completely healed>

Dragon: You are now free to go anywhere, Sabo. Will you rejoin Luffy and Ace, or stay with us?

Sabo: I have thought about it, and though I want to see them, I should stay here. Being so close to my former family caused me to head out before I was ready, before I had trained enough. Now, I can properly train here. I'm gonna become a revolutionary, and protect Ace and Luffy from the World Government!

<Flash forward 5 years. We see Sabo get stronger and rise up through the ranks, finally becoming the Chief of Staff. He is now ready to head on an adventure>

Sabo: What mission do you have for me, sir? I'm ready for anything!

Dragon: Yeah...about that...I'm afraid I can't let you do that.

Sabo: Why not? This isn't fair!

Dragon: You know that we lost Iva and Inazuma to the World Government recently. I can't let that happen to you or anyone else. Effective now, the Revolutionaries are going under for a while.

Sabo: This is completely unfair! <storms off>

<Three years later. Sabo gets the news about Ace's death>

Sabo, to Dragon: You [CENSORED]! If you had let me go and help Luffy and Ace, this wouldn't have happened!

Dragon: And what if the Marines had captured and executed you, too? <Puts head down and sighs> Maybe you were right. Anyways, you know Luffy has disappeared. Once he reappears, however, I'll see what I can do...

<The scene shifts back to the present, as Luffy continues running toward Sabo>

Sabo, to himself: At last...we finally may have a family reunion!

<We are now led back to the palace, where Doflamingo is conversing with his subordinates>

Baby 5: Are you sure Pica can take on both the Revolutionary Sabo and the pirate Luffy at once?

Doflamingo: I have complete faith in him. He has never failed our family ever since he joined.

<Flash back to 15 years in the past. We see Pica, an unusually large pre-adolescent, being tormented by a group of kids>

Pica: No, guys! Stop!

Child 1: We don't listen to babies, do we, guys?

<Children laugh>

Child 2: Come on then, big baby! Hit me! Show what a man you are!

<Another child slaps Pica>

Child 3: This guy really is a baby. He can't do anything!

Pica: Guys...please, just stop...

Child 1: Or what? C'mon, tell us, baby!


<Pica begins lashing out at the kids, who start running and screaming. Flash forward to Pica on the run from the police. He breaks into an alley, and begins to cry>

Pica: No...why did I do that? Why couldn't I control myself? All because of my stupid high-pitched voice, I killed people!

<Suddenly, a voice calls out from the shadows>

???: Do not be sad, Pica. What you did was justified.

Pica: Who-who are you?

???: My name is Donquixote Doflamingo. You may have heard of me. I'm going to become the ruler of the entire world, and I need strong crew members to help me...such as yourself.

Pica: I'm afraid you're mistaken, sir. I'm just a nobody with a defect.

Doflamingo: Only the people who fail to realize their potential are defective nobodies. Become a part of my family, realize your potential, and show everyone who doubted you that you are someone!

<The scene again returns to the present, and Pica carries a determined look on his face>

Pica, to himself: Being part of Doflamingo's family has shown me my destiny...and I'm not about to let anyone hurt my family!

Doflamingo, to Baby 5: All those years of training under me has turned Mr. Pica into an unstoppable warrior. He's realized his potential to such a degree, he's even unlocked Haki!

<As he says this, Pica hurls a giant fist at Sabo. The revolutionary tries to dodge, but he does not manage to fully avoid the Haki-embued fist, and he is sent sprawling right to where Luffy is>

Luffy: Sabo! Are you all right?

Sabo: I'll be fine. Now leave, before Pica sees you!

Luffy: I've grown a lot since we were children, because I thought I was the only one of us left. Now, I'm not going to let anyone take any more of my family!

Sabo: But what can you do?

Luffy: I've been working out this technique that might just work. I haven't quite perfected it yet, but that Machvise guy gave me the inspiration for it.

<Luffy opens his mouth to unrealistic proportions and inhales a lot of air>

Luffy: Oh yeah! It's time for....GEAR FOUR!