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Title: Kill or Be Killed

Cover: Aokiji's Underworld Adventures (I wish). Honestly, no idea.

Doflamingo's voice, echoed after the events of last chapter: Will you kill, or be killed? For you to save yourselves, you must take someone's head...if you can kill me, one of the Straw Hats, one of the Revolutionaries...or Marines Fujitora or Bastille....I promise you your suffering will end!

Sabo: You can't be serious... <points to Trebol and Diamante> if we didn't have enough on our hands already.

Robin, to the ex-toys: Don't listen to Doflamingo! He's lying, and he's gonna kill everyone unless we can destroy the SMILE Factory!

Cavendish: The lady's right...only by destroying the factory can we survive and gain glory! Everyone climb up!

Dagama: Forget this! You're leading me to my death! I'll kill you and the long-nose and get outta here!

Diamante: Look everyone! This man is showing reason. I promise you a full pardon if you help us kill these pirates and revolutionary scum!

<Around half of the toys begin nodding, and the attack begins. Robin, the Revolutionaries, and the other toys find themselves struggling to fight against this giant force. However, unbeknowest to Diamante, several dwarves are climbing up the cliff face>

Leo: The earth-manipulator guy must not notice us! We'll destroy the factory while Usoland and Robinland distract the others.

<Elsewhere, Kin'emon runs in panic from an angry mob>

Kin'emon: C'mon, guys! I swear I'm not Doflamingo! Stoooppp chasing meeeee!

<In the streets of Dressrosa, hundreds of people run in panic from the bloodthirsty pirates, who are all going after Fujitora and Bastille. The two Marines easily fend off the pirates, but one Marine notices something>

Marine: Sir! Doflamingo's string wall used to be a meter in front of me, but now it's right in my face! It's like it's closing in!

Issho: So that's what Doflamingo's game is...while we're all busy defending ourselves, he'll use this cage to wipe us all out.

Marine: We should take action against him, sir! And quickly!

Issho: Our main priority right now is making sure the civilians here are safe. Don't worry, Doflamingo's not going anywhere just yet.

<Elsewhere, Doflamingo turns his attention outside to Luffy, Law, Kyros, Viola, and Riku, dozens of feet below him>

Doflamingo: This was too easy! While everyone tries to kill your friends and allies, my birdcage will close in on them until only this place will be left standing! I don't feel like waiting for you guys to die, though, so you'll have the honor of a special death! Pica!

<Pica nods, and walls begin to form around the five of them. The walls then start slowly closing in>

Doflamingo: I'll enjoy seeing your reactions as you get crushed to a pulp!

Luffy: These walls can't hold me! Gomu Gomu no....Rocket!

<However, a stone hand forms out of the part of the wall that Luffy was aiming for and bats Luffy's arm away. Luffy tries again and again, but with the same results>

Luffy: Law-san! You can cut through anything, right?

Law: I could, but I can't because I don't have my sword.

Kyros, sitting in a corner: I can't believe this...all this planning was for nothing, and Doflamingo's going to kill everyone...even Rebecca....

Viola: Wait, wasn't one of your crewmates going after Pica?

Luffy: Oh yeah...Zoro will find Pica and save us!

Law: Does Zoro know where Pica is?

Luffy: Uh, no...he's probably still searching.

<Law's face drops in shock>

Law: The only guy that can save us is the guy who can't find anything!!!! We're doomed!

<Cut to Zoro, running around looking everywhere for the disappeared Pica>