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Best and Worst Openings

I've only recently gotten into the One Piece anime, and have yet to watch a bulk of the episodes. But I have seen all the openings; some I would gladly watch time and time again and not skip, and some where I would only like to watch it occasionally. While there's never been any truly bad openings in my opinion (don't shitstorm me but I kinda like the rap), some openings are better than others.

So I ask you, which openings did you like the most and which did you like least?

My Favorites:

  • We Are! was a fantastic theme to kick off One Piece, and even though this was at the very beginning of the anime, the choreography was fantastic and better than some later openings.
  • After getting my eardrums blasted out, One day was a nice refresher. It was very solemn and heartfelt, befitting its content, yet was still exciting enough to get me excited for the episode to come. I hope the anime can do this in the future with the more serious arcs, if there are any!
  • We Go! actually kinda made me feel off at first, as I don't typically like songs that pitchy. But at the end it became really catchy so it's a watch again.
  • Wake Up!: I find the music and lyrics of this song to be the best of all, and the cinematic is amazing, even though it's completely unrealistic. I also liked how the scenes taken from Dressrosa were a mix of comedic and epic (Franky and Thunder Soldier eating popcorn gets me every time)

My Not-So-Favorites:

  • Believe: Honestly kind of boring
  • Hikari e: The animation was a bit too weird
  • Hard Knock Days: This doesn't really sit right with me for some reason. Didn't really like the choreography as much as before, plus questioning the reason why Dressrosa needs two openings.

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