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This is a really weird subject but I don't care.

Obviously Toei isn't as good as Oda when they make their own DFs, but they're not exactly free to create what they like. So in their race to make DFs which Oda will never use, which could be worthy of One Piece canon and which should never have been in the backs of their minds?


  • Kama Kama no Mi: If it turned you into an okama this would be the ultimate DF, but a cool concept nonetheless. A Rankyaku or Shigan user could take this fruit to a dangerous extent.
  • Atsu Atsu no Mi: I always wondered why Oda never kept that for himself, because heat manipulation has incredible potential.
  • Kopi Kopi no Mi: Not incredibly original, but this could be taken to hilarious lengths depending on the Devil Fruit copied.
  • Mosa Mosa no Mi: I like this fruit better in theory than in practicality. Controlling plant life is an interesting power and other fiction has shown its capabilities, but Binz's use of the fruit was very single-purpose and not enthralling.


What are some of your favorites/least favorites?