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Before I get into the subject, pleeeeasse someone make a blog! It's desolate out here!

Alright, pleading aside, I really have a simple question for all the wiki users here: How did you decide your username? What inspired it, and why did you decide to go with that inspiration?

And to prevent this blog from being deleted, I'll give my answer. I initially edited here occasionally as an IP for about six months, but decided to make an account when I saw, you guessed it, the blogs.

Since One Piece is my favorite manga/anime, and I contributed to this wiki the most, I figured I should have a One Piece username. So I thought, "Oh, Kaido's kind of a cool character, it'll be fun to mess around with that name." And so my username was born. The "King of the Beasts" part was actually just the Addams family tune stuck in my head, and since plain "Kaido" was taken I went with it. I was originally gonna be KaidoKingoftheBeasts, thankfully I discovered the space bar.

So, how did you come up with your username?

To further pad this blog here are some gifs