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Guess what, it's back!

Yes, the unexpectedly popular and stupid Baseless Predictions blog from last year has returned. Now you once again have the once-a-year chance to write baseless, strange, and just plain shitty predictions for the series in the comments without getting roasted. The need to have a safe haven like this doesn't seem as great this year (damn you new users for actually having common sense!) but let's give this a go anyways.

No prediction is too baseless, but it shouldn't severely conflict with existing One Piece canon and it can't have crossovers with other series.

Here are some of mine:

  • Jesus Burgess will appear at the end of the Dressrosa Arc with a stash of SMILE Fruits
  • Big Mom is a man
  • Ryokugyu is a woman
  • Ryokugyu is even more psycho than Akainu
  • Ryokugyu has the power of the Oto Oto no Mi (Sound-Sound Fruit)
  • Ryokugyu is not Gaimon
  • Crocodile has a (identical?) twin sister named Alligator
  • Someone will defeat Mihawk and Zoro must defeat them to earn the title of greatest swordsman
    • That someone will be Kuina trolololol

What are yours?