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Alright, I'm sure many of us have thought up theories and predictions for the future that looked like they were written by a monkey on a best. These types of predictions often have no evidence to back them up, are poorly thought out, and/or conflict with existing One Piece history. Some of you have even had the gall to post these predictions on blogs, often getting roasted in the know of a recent blog I'm talking about.

However, I'm giving you the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to write your stupidest and most nonsensical theories and predictions without getting roasted. However, the only guidelines are that your theory cannot include crossovers from other series, and that it doesn't severely conflict with existing One Piece canon. Minor oversights are okay, just don't write alternate history fanfics.

I'll start off. One day I got the idea in my head that the Big Mom we saw in the Fishman Island Arc isn't the actual Big Mom, it's a robot. The actual Big Mom is quite little, like Sugar proportions. When the Big Mom robot "eats" her subordinates, she doesn't actually digest them but kills them via gears and crushers. And the candy? That's powering a factory of epic proportions....See, a totally baseless prediction that was just an afterthought in my mind.

Comment with your baseless predictions, and feel free to comment on anybody's predictions that look interesting. Just don't criticize it based on how nonsensical it is, that's what this blog is for.