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BOO HOO HOO! NARUTO'S OVER-er, Let's Talk About Chapter 766!

BOOHOOHOO! NARUTO'S ENDED! NOOO! <Gets bitch slapped, realizes he's on the wrong wiki>

Well then, we're back on the new chapter podcast, with your host, Kaido King of the Beasts! As far as chapters go, I felt this one was rather underwhelming. I had hoped that this chapter would conclude the Corazon backstory, but just like two weeks ago and the week before that, I was wrong.

So, some notes on this chapter:

  • The entire Corazon vs. the pirates fight gets skipped. I was feeling kind of gipped when I saw all those pirates just lying there, but it all turned out for the better when we saw what really happened to Corazon.
  • Vergo. He basically saved this chapter. All thanks to his new 'do, he was able to trick everyone, even me, and basically ruin everything for Corazon. While I had predicted that he would be the one to expose Corazon, he did it in a much better way than I had thought.
  • Everything fell into place. I had originally considered the mentioning of Vergo traumatizing Law as well as the Birdcage as insignificant, and didn't really factor them much into backstory predictions. However, Vergo's actions made this make a lot more sense, and even though we've spent 21 chapters under the Birdcage now, it was still cool to see it activated again.
  • One thing I don't get: Was Law instantly cured after he ate the fruit? While he seemed to be fine after eating it (up until Vergo started beating him up), it doesn't make that much sense that Law would instantly be healed after eating the fruit.

Overall, I would give it a Kyubi out of 700 spam cartons, or an 8.5/10 in layman's terms. So ends this podcast. Coming up next, we get to discuss Doflamingo's upcoming thrashing of Rocie, and it shall be good. Now I can go cry about Naruto in peace...

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