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Since I didn't need to make a chapter review blog this week, and since the holidays are coming up, I randomly decided to write this. So enjoy. Or maybe you'd rather die a horrble death instead. So yeah, enjoy.

35 years in the past. It's time for the holidays in the North Blue, and one family is definitely in the holiday spirit, especially their vivacious son. Now one day, this family's son told his mother what he wanted for Christmas: A hand-and-a-half, shiny steel, 1445 model Cutlass. His mother gently refused, saying "Drakey, you'll stab your eye out!"

So little Drakey went to his instructor at school and told her what he was looking forward to for Christmas. But his instructor only said, "Ah, Drake-chan, I'm afraid you'll stab your eye out if you get that!"

Finally, little Drakey went to the marketplace, and told a Christmas gift vendor about his wish. The vendor just chuckled, and again said, "You'll stab your eye out."

So little Drakey, unperturbed by his neighbors' comments, went to sleep excited for the big day. When the big day finally came, little Drakey tore into his presents. While he got a cool black hat, a sword was nowhere in sight. However, his dad pulled him over and showed him a shiny steel, 1445 model, hand-and-a-half cutlass he had kept hidden. Drakey's dad had played with swords all the time as a kid, and wanted his son to have the experience he did.

So for the rest of the day, little Drakey practiced swinging it in the yard until he collapsed from total exhaustion. So as he lay next to his sword, and later continued practicing with it, until he mastered a full steel sword, and challenged the toughest pirate of the seas, and joined the Shichibukai, and eventually won the title of Greatest Swordsman in the World, Dracule Mihawk knew that this was the best present he ever received or would ever receive.