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What's up, everyone? The sky.


On this day in 2014, I joined the One Piece wiki, and I must say it's been quite the rollercoaster ride for the past year. When I joined, I was just some inexperienced loser newbie who blogged all the time. And now I'm...

just some inexperienced loser newbie who blogs all the time.

Oh well! At least I got a taste of power two days ago. And I'm the head of my very own crew. How that happened I am not entirely sure.

Anyways, as befits anniversary blogs, I shall now commemorate all the users who had an impact on my one-year tenure here.

  • DP and Nova, for teaching me that the wiki is a dark and cruel place, and hardening me to it (if you know what I mean)
  • Kage and Jade, for welcoming me when I first started going on chat, even though I eventually drove you crazy and I got kicked by you an innumerable amount of times.
  • Enrik and Pau, you guys are dirty Spaniards and I will hate you forever.
  • AYET and Woohoot, even though you guys aren't that active you support my chapter predictions a lot and I thank you for that.
  • Besty, MoM, and Nova, I will never grow up (like Peter Pan), so get used to it.
    • also Nova, me Grammar is well.
  • MDM, Neo, and Nobody700, even though I don't really know you first two, your blogs are a shining example to me! The Ahou dream...will never die!
  • Koromo, I support your taste in chat links.
  • JSD, emoticons are love and life.
  • Calu and JOPfan, we will forever be Maryland buddies! Oh, and Calu, you will regret challenging me the rest of your short Hispanic life.
  • And finally, Gal, Mr. Whatever, keep on...keeping on...!

And now, after one year of being here, I have to make a confession. I've kept it in for too long, but

I'm Gal.

Well, that was just a half-assed attempt at humor. I'm not Gal...probably.

Anyways, to keep y'all busy in the comments, I'll ask y'all a little question: What is your favorite Kaido blog and why

That'll be all. But before I go, here's an obligatory poll.

Is Kaido an awesome user

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