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A bite of darkness
Something to fulfill my need
Make me become king

I was different
Mother could not handle me
And died giving birth

It wasn't my fault
My body wasn't normal
It was made for...more.

Father kicked me out
He couldn't comprehend me
No one ever did

Living on the streets
Did anything to survive
Felt barely alive

One day she found me
Took me to an orphanage
My personal hell

I was hated there
The teasing never stopped once
Why was I brought here?

My special body
Required much nutrition
They never got that

Called me many names
Fatso, Glutton, Pig, the works
I couldn't take it

Finally I snapped
My hands wanted blood to flow
Now I'm on the run

Running from the cops
I was so full of despair
Until I found him

I recognized him
Edward Newgate, the strongest
I had found a home

With Whitebeard I knew
I could gain so much power
And avenge myself

I did my research
And found the fruit which suits me
Which knew my hunger

Many years had passed
But still I could not find it
What was the point now?

Then the fruit was found
But not by me, what disgrace
But another man

Whitebeard knew my rue
Said power did not matter
We were family

What a stupid man
I would not give up hope yet
And crept in the night

Now the fruit is mine
I can't stay here anymore
I'm now on my own

You call me monster
For killing him. But I knew
It had to be done

I gathered a crew
I know I'm an enemy
To the Yonko now

Whitebeard will be first
To fall in my power plan
Darkness shall take him

The fruit of darkness
Craved even more fruit powers
A plan was set forth

The ultimate war
Yonko vs. Marines - Yes.
Falling in my hands

After the carnage
No side was victorious
I had succeeded

I killed the old man
And filled me with his power
Now closer to king

I rule the seas now
But I still hunger for more
Must have ev'rything

A bite of darkness
Has got me where I am now
Now I'm almost King
But sometimes I stop and think
"Is this really who I am?"