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Alright folks, the time has come. This day in 2006, the great Kazuya2070 founded this wiki, and now it's our tenth anniversary! Celebration time!

The fact that Kazuya founded this wiki on Valentine's Day is very copious, but I won't get into that. However, his motives still remain very unclear, as a month later he deleted the main page, saying he was too lazy to add content and told everyone to go find info on Wikipedia. Despite this highly unusual action, a community of editors migrated here from Wikipedia in order to document One Piece in more detail then they could there. Over the next ten years, pages were created and deleted, trying to catch up and become a complete knowledge database of One Piece. Over the years, new features were added that significantly expanded our social networking range, with blogs arriving in 2008 and chat arriving in 2011. We've been with our fair share of detractors, the most prominent being a certain internet forum, but we've just ignored them and kept going on.

Now that this half-assed history description is done, I'd like to see how our users here have interacted with the wiki in the time they've been here. Feel free to share your responses in the comments, while I include mine here.

1. How did you get into One Piece?

In 2012 I was a pretty big reader and I wanted to try manga, as it was really the only medium I hadn't paid much attention to. My school library carried the first 64 tankobons of One Piece, so I decided to give it a go. By Baratie, I was hooked. After reading all available volumes, I heard about scanlations from friends, allowing me to finally catch up. I only got into the anime last May, and only really follow it to pass the time, and don't plan on binge-watching anytime soon.

2. How did you find One Piece wiki?

In 2012, when I was pretty heavily into One Piece, I discovered that nearly every known concept had its own wiki (I had frequented Star Wars wiki for several years), so I looked to see if there was one about One Piece too. So I came here, and I enjoyed reading articles to find out more about the characters. I edited occasionally as an anon, but in late 2013 I discovered the blogs. Since I wanted to share some thoughts about One Piece, I created an account named after a One Piece character and dove in.

3. What have been some of your most memorable moments on the wiki?

Gal getting banned was pretty memorable for me, though I barely knew him, as I was mostly holed up in the blogs section around that time. It reminded me that there were a lot of areas in the wiki and I started exploring them as a result.

I've also enjoyed such things as participating in hundred-comment blogs as well as starting my first talk page war. The creation of my baby, the Hall of Mangapanda, was also a crowning moment.

Feel free to answer those questions as well as share your general thoughts and experiences here, or just celebrate the fact that we've been here for ten years. Also post links/screenshots of your favorite moments here (inb4 this becomes a chat of shame blog)

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