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Kaido King of the Beasts

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  • Kaido King of the Beasts

    Songs of the chapter: "Eye to Eye" by Go West and "MMMBop" by Hanson.

    Man, this chapter was HILARIOUS from back to front. It looks like Cavendish's brief flashback is just about over, with Suleiman showing just about no interest whatsoever. I wonder if the other six members will be able to outdo his story.

    And of course, the main story. The Straw Hats are in mortal panel, but it's still so funny! The facefaults from the Firetanks, Caesar, and the Straw Hats all make this chapter really worthwhile. Big Mom nullifying the weapons and breaking the mirror was to be expected, but the reactions to this made this chapter worth it. Any chance to see my bois Bege and Caesar stretch their face muscles is precious.

    In a weird twist of fate, minor charac…

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  • Kaido King of the Beasts


    Once you have performed the proper religious rituals of fasting, flagellation, and fear, you are free to read this review.

    I was expecting Coral to die after last chapter, but damn, Carl's reaction really brought that home. I was expecting things to reach a breaking point right when that happened, but it seems like Carmel had more in the tank as far as survival. But wow, I did NOT expect her to have the Soul-Soul Fruit and create God Himself. Getting an explanation as to how Prometheus was created was very much appreciated, and I appreciated the connotations of the name Pandora, praise be unto him.

    Then there's the twist. Yeah...rather than an all-loving, nurturing foster mother, Carmel is actually a child trafficker who ships …

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  • Kaido King of the Beasts

    There was a lot on the line coming into Big Mom's flashback, and needless to say after reading this chapter I'm more hyped than ever.

    When it was revealed last chapter that the flashback would take place on Elbaf, I thought that Linlin would be at least half giant, but it seems that she indeed is a normal human...who looks pretty much exactly like a giant. But hey, if you've got Bastille than anything is possible.

    Linlin's childhood is quite interesting to read about. She's your quintessential special needs kid, but with a body of iron and the ability to take down giants. So it's simultaneously heartbreaking to see how poorly she's raised and intriguing to see how this shapes her. Her parents don't want to make the effort to keep her under c…

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  • Kaido King of the Beasts

    Gonna be a quick review since I have to leave soon.

    Let me just say this chapter was on point in terms of art. The panels of Big Mom's breakdown and Sanji standing over Judge on the table got a visible reaction out of me, and made this chapter. Can't wait to see the interaction between Sanji and his family. Massive kudos to Jaimini's Box for their pristine scan cleaning and translations, which make the once-Jesuslike Mangastream look like trash.

    And man, in case you were beginning to doubt, Katakuri is a boss. Overwhelming multiple alliance members and still getting to Luffy, only failing to prevent Big Mom's break down thanks to Luffy's Devil Fruit. And Smoothie...well, she has ears! And she cares about her Mama!

    I was beginning to wonder if…

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  • Kaido King of the Beasts

    After four years of reading One Piece weekly, I don't recall ever reading a Tuesday chapter, so that's a first. Big news, you might call it. I think Sunday is now the only day when I haven't seen a scan chapter released.

    The Grand Fleet getting the next cover story just convinces me more and more that Vergo and Monet are dead (please don't comment on this).

    Brook continues to be an absolute delight to watch. The people thinking he peeled his face off was just another great joke in a long line of them these past few chapters, it's just been amazing. Then he just goes and gets his head cut off for good measure...although him surviving that does make one think about the fridge horror possibility of him not being able to die at all.

    I was initial…

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