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You should fear Kaido.

He's a scary man.



Scary man.

So scary that I'm skipping over the rest of the chapter to write a blog about one thing: How scary Kaido is.

Why is he so scary?

He tries to kill himself for fun, and he's not dead. He all of the power, abilities, and access of a Yonko at his disposal, and he still can't kill himself.

He doesn't have a perfect track record. He's been defeated 7 times. Captured 18 times by Marinies AND his Yonko enemies. The man can, and has, been defeated. He has been brought down by some of the most powerful organizations in the world. They still can't find a way to kill him. He can't find a way to kill himself.

And you may think that his defeats make him weak. That is incorrect. In One Piece, defeat and experience make a person STRONG. And Kaido has been defeated many times. Kaido has a lot of experience.

The world is so boring to him, that he has decided to start the greatest war this world has ever seen. And seeing him, and what is at his disposal, he can do it.

Worst of all, after finally meeting him, we see that he's kind of funny and quirky. Funny and quirky characters are ones that should be feared more. Just look at Garp, Ace, the Admirals, look at the crews of the Yonko, the Supernovas, Shichibukai, etc. And most importantly, look at the crew of the next Pirate King. The ones who seem to have silly and incapable personalities are the ones to watch out for.

Oda/the narrator go out of their way to describe how strong this person is. Not by his position in the world as a Yonko, but by the things he has done, and the things he has endured.

You should fear Kaido.

The three or four Supernovas who have ganged up to defeat a Yonko and just had another one drop into their base, alone, should fear Kaido.

And most importantly, you should fear Kaido.