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As we watch the calendar go by, and blogs about weird hats come out, it has come to my attention that we've squandered another perfectly good year here on the wiki.

So in celebration of that, I've decided to run a little tournament for the best blogs of 2014!

The rules are simple: Any blog created in 2014 before this blog was published is eligible for nomination by any user (except the blog's author). IP/anons/AWCs and new users are all encouraged to participate in this stage!

In order to nominate, just link the blog in a comment on this blog. It's simple! And you can nominate as many as you'd like to!

Next week, we'll vote on all of the nominated blogs and thin the herd, and the week after, we'll have a final vote, and in early 2015, I'll announce the winners!

"Winners, plural?" says you, the reader?

That's right, plural!

There's multiple categories!

  1. The Best Blog of 2014!
  • The best overall blog. As simple as that.
  1. Funniest Blog!
  • The most humorous blog.
  1. Most Well-written.
  • The blog with the best ideas and serious content. (not a funny blog or fanfic)
  1. Best prediction.
  • Not necessarily the most accurate prediction, but the best read.
  1. Best Fanfiction.
  • The best fanfic! (not to be confused with skinflick)
  1. And finally, the worst blog of 2014!
  • As long as it escaped deletion, it's eligible for this category!

So when you nominate, just remember to say which category you want it in! The same blog can't be nominated for more than one category, aside from if you want to also nominate it as the best blog. When it comes down to it in the end though, I'll pick which blogs belong in which category if one gets nominated for different categories by different people.

Good luck, and happy blogging! JustSomeDude...  Talk |