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The Ships in the Harbor

So at the end of Chapter 732, there's this big picture of Doflamingo's "secret" harbor. (Sidenote:How secret can "Joker's" identity be if it says "Donquixote" on the side of the crane?) At first I just kind of glossed over it and thought "yeah, it's a big harbor with some ships in it, but nothing I didn't expect." But then I looked a little closer...

These ships are very interesting. Particularly the one where the figurehead depicts a giraffe with a square nose. That sounds familiar for some reason...

All attempts at subtlety aside, I am not saying that Kaku/CP9 are guaranteed to show up. See, the other ships bear resemblance to other characters, but those don't line up as well at the moment for them to appear. The Hippo reminds me of Lola (Zombie), who is dead. However there is still Lola who is still alive. But here are reasons why she can't be there: 1) We recently saw her in Water 7, and we know she was going backwards through the Grand Line. It's possible that over the two years she's almost completed the journey and is on her way back to the New World, but I doubt it. 2) The Rolling Pirates were given the old ship of the Rumbar Pirates, which last I checked did not have a giant hippo for a figurehead. Then there's bird one. That reminds me of the ships of two characters. Bentham's Swanda Express had a similar figurehead, but this ship lacks the round objects on the head. Also, the Swanda Express likely sunk after fighting Hina's crew. Oh yeah, and it's owner hasn't left Impel Down since. It also vaguely resembles Alvida's Miss Love Duck, which hasn't been seen since Chapter 2. This ship however lacks any visible heart decorations, which both her previous ships had.

So with it highly unlikely that the other ships are related to their respective characters, it doesn't seem like it would be very likely that Kaku would be related to his. But it did make me think regardless... After all, Kaku was the only member of CP9 that truly enjoyed being a shipwright, so it's very possible that he designed their ship. But hey, only Oda knows, right?

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