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One thing that's been eating me up with the start of the Dressrosa Arc is "What will happen to Caesar Clown when it's all over?"

Since the middle of the Punk Hazard arc, we knew that he was gonna be kidnapped by Luffy, but beyond that we had no idea why he needed to be kidnapped. Then we learned that he was supplying Doflamingo with artificial Devil Fruits, who in turn was supplying Kaido with his Zoan user army. So Law wants to trade Caesar over to Doflamingo in exchange for his giving up his position as Shichibukai. Now, Law claims that Doflamingo won't have any face-to-face interaction with Law during the exchange, but who knows how that will work out?

Personally, I expect there to be some fighting over Caesar, so that the exchange can't go as planned. (Law vs. Doflamingo, perhaps?)

But what happens to our "favorite" major arc antagonist in all this mess? (One thing I sincerely hope is that Oda makes him funny and more likeable in the coming chapters) Here's a list of some ideas I have floating around (in no particular order):

  • In all the confusion of the arc, Caesar just takes the opportunity to escape and go off on his own. Perhaps he tries to hunt down Vegapunk on his own.
  • He's kidnapped again, but this time by Kaido's men so that he can supply SAD directly.
  • Captured by marines. This could be even more likely an outcome if the Doflamingo Pirates go down and are taken by Fujitora and/or his men.
  • Ends up being a hot commodity for Law's plans and he is kidnapped by the Straw Hats again for the fight against Kaido.
  • One of the Brokers decides to kidnap him for his knowledge.
  • Random McRandomperson kidnaps him for his sizeable (Beli300,000,000)bounty before the exchange can take place.

Anywho, it's really sad that most of these fates involve a man with a Beli300,000,000 bounty being kidnapped, but I don't really foresee him doing very well for himself, I guess. JustSomeDude...  Talk |