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Ok, we all know that Sabo's presumed death is one of the most controversial subjects on this wiki. And for now, he is presumed dead because of the databook. And because the databook is the only piece of real evidence we have, that makes the argument for Sabo being dead much more solid. However, there's one thing that bothers me about that idea: If Dragon didn't save Sabo, who did he save? He clearly saved someone, and I've never heard of any theories about who he saved other than Sabo. If anyone has a good theory, I'm curious to know what it is.

My guess is Bluejam. He would definitely be wounded from the fire and his fight with Ace and Dadan a few days earlier, explaining the need for medical attention on Dragon's ship. And he would definitely hold a grudge against the government after the Kingdom tricked him into burning down the Grey Terminal, giving him motive to join the Revolutionaries. And yes, the fire was days before the World Noble came, so it's unlikely that Bluejam survived. However, Ace and Dadan didn't make it back until the day the Noble came either. Bluejam could have easily survived the same way, hiding out somewhere while the soldiers killed the other survivors. And Dragon could have found him while he was out looking at the Noble, and enlisted another soldier for the Revolutionary Army, just like with the rest of the Grey Terminal survivors. It doesn't seem any less likely than Sabo surviving to me.

The point of this blog isn't to argue about whether or not Sabo is dead (because that hasn't been overdone on this wiki at all) but to think about what the implications are if he is truly dead. So let's not see a bunch of comments that just say "Sabo is alive" or something to that effect, ok? I personally WANT Sabo to be alive, because after all Luffy went through with Ace, I think Luffy deserves a brother. But because of the databook, I, just like the wiki, PRESUME Sabo to be truly dead. There's a big difference between wanting something to be true and believing something based on evidence.