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Provocative blog title, eh? (also, am I Canadian? Who the fuck says "eh"?)

I recently caught up on like 5 episode of the Anime and I realized something: Dressrosa has far more filler scenes than any other arc I can remember. I also realized something else: They are the best filler scenes the anime has ever had.

Now since, most people reading this blog are likely manga readers and are generally of the opinion that manga is greater than anime in every instance, I should probably explain my argument...

I think the filler scenes make for a more entertaining episode for the anime-only watcher. Manga readers seem to hate filler scenes because they don't change the outcome of anything, and just increase the time it takes to get to their favorite scenes from the manga. But, many of the filler scenes explain more than manga ever did. And they make some character introductions far more menacing and interesting (Look at Issho and Bartolomeo's for example). The expanded filler fights like Hack vs. Random Fat guy, and Abdullah & Jeet vs. Tank Lepanto also make the Colosseum quite a bit more interesting by making characters that we normally only see 1-shotted actually do something cool.

And then there's that one scene where Sanji is cooking for Violet, and he sees Zoro and Kin'emon running by and chooses to ignore them, cuz fuck those guys, right? That shit's hilarious every time. The anime ain't stupid when comes to making funny character interactions.

And my final point for why Dressrosa is the best filler arc is this: Normal filler episodes suck! These scenes are way better than the random-island-where-Luffy-1-shots-the-bad-guy filler episodes we normally get. If Toei can get through the Dressrosa arc without giving us 5 terrible filler episodes, then of course these scenes are the greatest filler ever!