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So, whenever you read the articles on super-human strength, they always mention Jesus Burgess' hotel-throwing incident as being one of the top displays of strength, and I acknowledge that that was a high moment, but just from that, we can't really put Burgess right at the top in terms of strength. I have my own opinion on who the strongest guys are, or rather, I base my opinion on the greatest displays of strength shown in the series.

1. Obviously this goes to Jozu, for throwing an iceberg bigger than Oars Jr.

2. Luffy pushing two buildings apart in Water 7.

3. Zoro lifting and throwing a multi-storey stone building at Daz Bones in Alabasta.

4. Garp and Calgara, for wielding those titanic ball-and-chain weapons.

5. Jesus Burgess, for throwing a double-storey, wooden, 'Wild West' saloon-style hotel.

I can't think of more right now, but honorable mention goes to Dorry for lifting a mountain-size Sea King skull and putting it on top of Luffy. I didn't include it in the list since Dorry's a giant and naturally has more strength. I also didn't mention Arlong's house flipping, and Hachi moving a huge boulder on the sea floor to divert currents and create a whirlpool, since fishmen are also naturally strong.

One can also mention all the attacks that are super-humanly strong, like Elephant Gun that can blow away the Kraken underwater, and Nightmare Luffy that could throw Oars, and many more attacks that achieved feats of great strength.

Basically the point of this blog is to discuss and rank, the greatest feats of strength in the series.