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  • Junaid-Sennin

    I don't know if anyone else has already posed this theory but I assure you I came up with it on my own.

    I believe the Chinjao Family are a part of Kaido's crew and their True Objective is to punish Doflamingo for losing Caesar and the SAD production facilities.

    I came to this conclusion because of the numbers tattooed on the Chinjao Family's bodies. They'd bothered me since the first time I saw them but I never had a theory until now. I was thinking that they could be positions/ranks in their family, but that made no sense since Don Chinjao is the boss of the family but his number is 12(?), it should be 1 or 0 for the boss, or even no number at all to signify that he isn't included in the ranking. Nonetheless, I still felt that the numbers a…

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  • Junaid-Sennin

    Chapter 656 Discussion

    February 12, 2012 by Junaid-Sennin

    After reading the latest chapter my head is full of ideas and speculations. Since I can't find any prediction scripts to keep me interested, I figured a discussion blog wouldn't be too bad.

    1. The only-legs guy. I'm sure he's a samurai of Wa no Kuni. He said he could sense their auras, which sounds like Kenbunshoku Haki to me. And as for how he ended up as only a lower-half, there are a few possibilities.

    a. Trafalgar Law is the most likely culprit. We've seen before that he can seperate people's bodies. b. Buggy. I think Buggy could have improved his Akuma no Mi ability and found a way to seperate other people's bodies too. It's a suuuuuper long-shot, but I'm just throwing around ideas here. …

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  • Junaid-Sennin

    So, whenever you read the articles on super-human strength, they always mention Jesus Burgess' hotel-throwing incident as being one of the top displays of strength, and I acknowledge that that was a high moment, but just from that, we can't really put Burgess right at the top in terms of strength. I have my own opinion on who the strongest guys are, or rather, I base my opinion on the greatest displays of strength shown in the series.

    1. Obviously this goes to Jozu, for throwing an iceberg bigger than Oars Jr.

    2. Luffy pushing two buildings apart in Water 7.

    3. Zoro lifting and throwing a multi-storey stone building at Daz Bones in Alabasta.

    4. Garp and Calgara, for wielding those titanic ball-and-chain weapons.

    5. Jesus Burgess, for throwing a…

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  • Junaid-Sennin

    So lets go wild and build us some gyojin! And ningyo too, if you wanna. I'll go first!

    • Electric eel fishman, will probably be one of the strongest types of gyojin, especially in the ocean. Fights unarmed, since can shock through physical contact. Appearance will be similar to Hammond in terms of physique and anatomy.
    • Siamese Fighting Fish fishman, expert of Gyojin Karate, and overall a genius fighter. Event though the Siamese fighting fish is small, this gyojin will be quite muscular, like Ace, Marco, Hammond, Lucci. You know, not enormous, but very muscular.
    • Swordfish fishman, expert of Gyojin kenjutsu, but uses his bill instead of a sword, so it's a combination of Gyojin kenjutsu and Gyojin karate.
    • Sailfish merman, fastest creature in the en…
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  • Junaid-Sennin

    I'm always bored waiting for spoilers before the chapter comes out, so I spend most of my time on the forums discussing One Piece in general, the previous chapter, and making predictions. I enjoy reading the predictions of others, and so I'm wondering if anyone can tell me about some sites or forums that people post their predictions on before the spoilers come out. I'm usually on the Mangahelpers forum.

    Junaid-Sennin 17:11, October 12, 2010 (UTC)

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