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I'm a New Fans of the series One Piece and anime in general, i just want to finally find a anime community, because i don't have people to talk about anime or One piece. I became a fan of anime in 2012, One piece made me love anime.

Quick Story:

I'm in college i'm 19 years old and in high school i didn't understood the point of anime and manga, it was childish, plus even if I enjoyed them my friends and teammates would of made fun of me, because i played sport ( football and soccer) but in my senior year I saw One piece on YouTube, it was wierd and crazy, but interesting nevertheless I check out the anime "legally of course" and it was awesome I felt in loved and for one year that has been my secret. but now I want to talk to people that know about this, because in high school and even in college no one knows that i like this, not to sound mean or anything but back in high school most of the anime fans where kind of crazy and wierd    

and my goal this year is to make one of my friends into liking anime and manga specially One piece.