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  • Juliousk

    New Fans

    January 7, 2013 by Juliousk

    I'm a New Fans of the series One Piece and anime in general, i just want to finally find a anime community, because i don't have people to talk about anime or One piece. I became a fan of anime in 2012, One piece made me love anime.

    Quick Story:

    I'm in college i'm 19 years old and in high school i didn't understood the point of anime and manga, it was childish, plus even if I enjoyed them my friends and teammates would of made fun of me, because i played sport ( football and soccer) but in my senior year I saw One piece on YouTube, it was wierd and crazy, but interesting nevertheless I check out the anime "legally of course" and it was awesome I felt in loved and for one year that has been my secret. but now I want to talk to people that kno…

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