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November 29, 2014
  • Juanito316

    There's one thing I've been wondering, if Jinbe joins the Straw Hats, will it be as part of the main crew, or will he and the Sun Pirates become part of the Grand Fleet?

    (BTW, I haven't reached the point where the Grand Fleet is formed yet, I just was spoiled about it lol)

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  • Juanito316

    Song name requests

    July 18, 2016 by Juanito316

    I don’t have better references of these songs, but I really want to know the names of the songs that play in Episode 504 at the very end and in Episode 539 during the recap of the previous episode and when Jinbe talks about Otohime (again in Episode 539). I can’t find their names anywhere.

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  • Juanito316

    I'm creating this post because I wanted to know who do you guys want to voice Charlotte Purin in the anime. I personally would like Nao Tamura (Chika from World Trigger and Cosmos from Fairy Tail).

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