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Men this has been crazy list of events.

  • First Laws force Doflamingo to pick between being hunted by the Admirals or Kaido
  • Next it was reveal that Doflamingo has the King Haki, almost kill smoker, and Kuzan arrived
  • After that on the newspaper reveal that Doflamingo left the Warlord and was a king
  • Fleet Admiral Akainu sent admiral Isso who we met at a bar gambling
  • Next a tournament is held on Dressrosa where the prize is Ace Devil Fruit
  • Jesus Burgress is a contestant and the captain of the first fleet of the Blackbeard Pirates
  •  Several notable contestants are shown like Belllamy, Hack a friend of Jinbei, King Elizabello with a punch that can destroy a fortess, Bartomeo who has block that, Caverdish who has a grudge against the Supernova, Ricky who might be Kyro( the guy who went through 2000 tournament with only one injury suffered) and lastly Don Chinjao who almost die against Garp, take it out on luffy, and has a different goal altogether.
  • We now have a CP0 the strongest CP unit
  • Gnome that can kill a fighting fish
  • To top it off Doflamingo didn't quit the Warlord, and now has Laws trap

What's next for us? P.S. I heard that Oda sama isn't feeling well and I wonder if Jump or any other company that work with him is putting their best effort to ensure his health?