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New Guys

Oda has show us some great characters in the New World part of One Piece. Here is a quick list of them so far.

  • The royal family of Fishmen Island which include the three princes, Shirahoshi, Otohime, and Neptune
  • Fisher Tiger who had climb to the Holy Land to free all the slave.
  • Surume a kraken who Luffy befriend on the way to Fishmen Island.
  • Kin'emon a samurai who can cut fire.
  • Momosuke his son, who clearly can get closer women than anyone around.
  • Vergo a secret member of Doflamingo crew who was able to fool even Smoker.
  • Monet a harpy who is the first female logia and blushes at compliments.
  •  Baby 5 a assaisain who always feel "needed"
  • Admiral Fujitora who can summon meteor at will
  • Thunderous Solider of Rage a toy that love to have fun.
  • Rebecca who want to win and live with Solider.
  • Chinjao who survive against Garp.
  • Cavendish who want revenge against the supernova for stealing his popularity.
  • Ideo a boxer that resemble Big O.
  • Jean Anjo a sniper who uses his hands.

Who is your favorite and why?

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