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The Truth Revealed

I Have Often Wondered Who Luff's Mother Actually Is. After A Lot of Thinking Something Just Hit Me. (Not Literally) I Got A Hint Of Who Luffy's Mother Might Actually Be. It's Not Yet been Revealed in any manga's or anywhere else. we just know that Luffy and ace are brother's and that Ace's mother's name is Portagas but we have not been told if she is actually luffy's mom too... or is ace truly, I mean actually luffy's brother. Well normal reasoning suggests that Ace is luffy's brother but something tel's me that this one lady is some how related to luffy. either she is his mother or grand mother.... Probably you are wondering who i am talking about.. Well if you have seen all of the episodes until now, you would be knowing the character. And Now I Will reveal to you who i believe is related to Luffy. Yes I am going to reveal to you who i believe is related with Luffy!!! And i will also give you reason why I think so. ... .. . . . . . . . . And the person is the old lady. The old Lady which you find in amazon Lilly. yes That's right the former Queen of amazon Lilly.

She had once said that she had been in Love with someone, and she left the island for her love. That was the reason why she was no longer the queen. And the reason she is still Alive.

My Reason

Now for anyone to reach Amazon Lilly they Would Have to be Incredibly Strong. and also to not get Killed by the Warrior's There. So we know that whoever she fell in love with was Incredibly Strong. And we Know That Luffy's Dad is incredibly Strong. And so is Monkey D. Garp. And knowing the type's of twist that Come's in the story. My Belief is that She Is some how related to Luffy. Although It's Only A Theory.

Tell Me What You Think About It. ... --Joshv009 08:42, October 26, 2009 (UTC)--Joshv009 08:42, October 26, 2009 (UTC)