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This blog is MY opinion about the last chapter and some theories about the major events...

OKAY, guys so almost everyone has now seen the one piece chapter 652. Really interesting, has always Oda-sama always gives us something to talk about hehe *Big smile* .... We've noticed that Jinbe is reconsidering joining the SH and that Neptune would like to have the SH's flags to protect the Island if ever the Big Mom's flag wouldn't be around anymore for "x" reason. We also find out that the Tamatebako treasure box is actually a bomb and for some reason Luffy gaved ALL the treasure to Big Mom's henchmen including the bomb, something that can be misleading to a declaration of war. ( second time )... We found Smoker and Tashigi with the G5 marines, smoker and Tashigi's new promotions. Here are my opinions.

  • I think that this is the beggining of a HUGE arc/saga, similar to the Arabasta Arc, where the Straw hat's in their journey to the New world will fight diferent members and islands of the Big Mom's crew until getting to her...WHY is it similar.. well Smoker will definitely be joining this arc/saga and he also was in the Arabasta saga.. so what a coincidence.!! can somebody else join the fight ally of foe??
  • I think that the you-know-who person Caribou mention is actually Kaidou... I just have this strange feeling that they have a connection. I don't think Caribou has connection with the marines, because he gained his bounty from killing marines so...

Well guys this is MY OPINION, I know some people will TOTALLY disagree with me and It's cool, I respect everybody's opinion.

Tell me guys what did you think of the chapter, the pace of the plot, Smoker's role for the next arc (bad or evil?), will somebody else join the fight against Big Mom..Kidd?... tell me guys who do you MOST expect on seeing in the New World in the next couple of chapters. And last but not least... who do you guys think is you-know-who??

Give your thoughts... Theories... critics (everybody is a critic) *smile*