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Okay guys, Jonny here with a new blog.

It's random but should be fun if we use our imagination a bit.

Surely, a lot of you guys know each other quite well so it should be fun and funny.

Basically, imagine you are the captain of your own crew and you can choose up to how many you want to be your crew. But here is the catch. Do not choose any One Piece character or any other manga. the "characters" for your crew is none other than this wiki users. WHAT the hell!!?? okay okay calm down XD... let me show you my Crew.

Note: Because I don't know many of you YET. I will choose some of you to be my nakama and use my imagination to choose your position on the ship basing my ideas through your comments and profil pic. okay lets do it.!!!

Crew name: Shadow Pirates

Captain: Jonny16 Devil fruit shadow shadow, can hide to any dark alley even to a person's own shadow and strike with a dagger, Bounty: 250 000 000 beli

First mate: MDM, fighting style, swordsman with haki, always fights with LPK. Bounty: 210 000 000 beli

archeologist: PX15, Devil fruit Zoan user with haki, can tranform into a wild bear. He usually finds the logical solution to every problem. Bounty: 200 000 000 beli

Cook: BLS, sanji personality, fighting style and very creative Bounty: 180 000 000 beli

author: Blackenedsoul, katana user with haki, likes to read and write a book about his journey in his free time. Bounty: 170 000 000 beli

Sniper: LPK, Devil fruit user can use his eyes to look over 10 KM away, accurate for snipping, always fights with MDM. Bounty: 150 000 000 beli.

Shipwright: Jaimini, handles the cannons of the ship and always creating new weapons for the ship. Master for coating ships. Bounty: 100 000 000 beli

Thief expert: Neo, she is glamarous and can hipnotyze any one that falls for her. making robbing much more easier. Bounty: 80 000 000 beli.

Okay. That is it for me please tell me your crew and whom would be in it.

Please enjoy this blog, have fun.