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Hi guys,

We all seen chapter 655 by now, so overall It was a good chapter. We got to know some interesting information about some Islands, pretty much their names. The Straw hats are visiting a strange Island named Punk Hazard, after they received a weird call asking for help and being stabbed by samurais. Apparently, the island is located in the wano country. The island is really hot, hence Robin taking off her clothes *_*!!.... It also looks like it used to be a WG base, anyway the end of the manga is most surprisingly WEIRD... we get to see a dwelling dragon..asking the straw hats a question. We also could see Smoker again and he mentionned that Punk Hazard is desserted since an incident occured several years ago.

Interesting turn of events!!!... Tell me, what did you like about this week chapter.. did you like it?... what theories do you guys have about this island.. COME on guys share your opinion!!

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