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Ladies and Gentlemen, One piece wiki inc, wants to apologize for the LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG break that we took upon conluding with this first ever exciting tournament.

Every contestant made good and entertaining blogs but unfortunately there is only 1 winner. Only 1 can be the blog King or Queen of Blogs.

The final was

Panda vs Px15

We extented the due date because a contestant wasn't going to be around.

Unfortunately, only one contestant did a Blog and a very awesome Blog by the way, here is the link of the winning Blog --->

Yes, the winner of the tournament and the first ever KING OF BLOGS is Pacifista15 A.K.A PX15.

Congratulations for your blogs they were really entertaining and awesome.

Thank you all for joining the fun with this newly made tournament, hopefully we will be able to make another by the end of the year.

I here by declare this Tournamenent OVER!!!!!!!!!!!