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Ladies and Gentlemen, One Piece wiki Inc, is proud to present the exciting and Final ROUND of the 1st annual Blog Wars Tournament!!!

(Fans screaming and chanting)

The 2nd Round was really amazing we had awesome blogs from every contestants, this shows that everyone can make good Blogs if we put are hearts to it.

Here are scores from last round:

Panda: 28.2

MJ: 16.9

Rici: 25.9

PX: 26.2

Meji: 14.7

The scores were close but the winners and the ones that will move on to the final round to be the Blog King/Queen 2012, are Panda and PX.

Next Match: Panda vs Px

3rd/final Round, Philosophical Analysing: This part relates to the series in a whole. For instance, why did Ace had to die for the series to advance.

In order for YOU to make your blog, DancePowderer will choose the topic you will work on.

The following are the judges.

1. DancePowderer

2. Imhungry4444


Back-up Ryuzakiforever

If you have any questions please let us know.

This is the final round please WIKI Community lets cheer for them, they have come so far with awesome Blogs.

This Round won´t be easy but they are Good editors, we expect the best from them.!!!!!

PS: Sorry it took so long for the final round to start, I was busy. hehe.... Due Date will be Wednesday 27th, 2012 (due for busy schedule and PX being away for a week)

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