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Blog Wars 1st Round

Jonny16 June 5, 2012 User blog:Jonny16

Ladies and Gentlemen, One Piece wiki inc, is proud to present the very first Blog Wars 2012 Tournament.

The hype as been going on for this to start, FINALLY it is starting!!!

Here are the judges and contestants.

Judges 1: DancePowderer 2: 1NFERNO 3: Imhungry4444

Participants 1: Monkey.D.Me 2: Marcus Junior 3: Mejiaj1 4: Djolee5 5: JapaneseOPfan 6: Pandawarrior 7: KuroAshi98 8: Pacifista15 9: Ricizubi 10: SeaTerror

So, contestants, there are 3 topics that will be divided into 3 rounds.

1st Round, Prediction: Taking chapter, events or even charactar and predict something new or different.

2nd Round, Analysing: Create or simply share your theories about an event or character.

3rd/final Round, Philosophical Analysing: This part relates to the series in a whole. For instance, why did Ace had to die for the series to advance.

Note: In your blogs for the tournament, please add "BW" in your title, for the judges to be aware that it is for the tournament.

Remember, if you lose you are out.


Matchups 1st Round:

Match 1: Mj vs ST

Match 2: PX vs Kuro

Match 3: Panda vs MDM

Match 4: Jopie vs Meji

Match 5: Rici vs Dj

--You got 2 days to create the 1st round Blog


The judges will score your blogs from 0-10, they also need to give you GOOD critics.

If there is a draw, we will have to open a poll to vote for the best blog.


If you have any questions, please ask any judge around, they will happily explain the details for you.

Note: This tournament has the intent to increase quality on Blogs.

Thanks for every single one of you for making this happen, hopefully this tournament will be in our history of the wiki community.

One last thing, sorry for the delay with this tournament I had strong issue in life but no regards,




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