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Hey guys,

I was thinking about new and interesting activities for the wikia and came with this idea. "Blog Wars",

what is that shit?...

The rules are simple, 10 users need to register for the tournament by letting me know. The first 10 will be chosen, (if more users want to join we may be able to extend the number of competitors).

Afterwards, the competitors will be facing off against another. (1vs1)

Basically, they must make a Blog with a theme that the judges choses. PS: 3 judges will be chosen for this task.

So the competitors will have to make a blog with a subject the judges choose, (one piece related)

In the blog, competitors need to have, Humour, interesting facts, creativity, content. (bring your imagination)

It could be predictions, backstories, flashback about a character, "what if" OR whatever you want it to be.

example: #1 (theme: Enel) vs #2 (theme: Ace) Note: Themes can be ANYTHING related to OP

Judges will score blogs from 1 to 10. In this case #1 won by 9.5 pts and #2 lost with 8.0 pts. Therefore, #1 passes to the next round and #2 is eliminated from the tournament. If there is a draw, we will have to count the other members vote from the comments section of the blogs. NOTE: Other members can vote in the comments section in every blog, again, scores will be from 1 to 10. There votes will ONLY count when there is a draw.

Competitors will have 2 days to create a blog and later present it to the judges and the wikia. The WINNER of the tournament, can officialy have the Title of KING OF BLOGS.


Remember the idea is that we can all enjoy and have fun the most.

In order for this idea to work, I need support from the majority of the wikia. (on comments)

I know I may be insulted, it may be a lame idea, probably this idea has already been made etc.

If so, then sorry to bring this up, continue with your life.

If I do get the support I need, I will choose 3 active members to help me out being the judges.

If somebody wants to help me with this tournament PLEASE TELL ME, if you got other fresh or better ideas, let me know.

I appreciate contructive comments down below.

*** If the idea gets approved, I will let everybody know whom are the judges and the competitors***


1: DancePowderer

2: Yountoryuu

3: Imhungry4444


1: Monkey.D.Me

2: Marcus Junior

3: Mejiaj1

4: Djolee5

5: JapaneseOPfan

6: Pandawarrior

7: KuroAshi98

8: Pacifista15

9: Ricizubi

10: SeaTerror

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