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  • Jonny16

    Blog Wars Winner

    July 8, 2012 by Jonny16

    Ladies and Gentlemen, One piece wiki inc, wants to apologize for the LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG break that we took upon conluding with this first ever exciting tournament.

    Every contestant made good and entertaining blogs but unfortunately there is only 1 winner. Only 1 can be the blog King or Queen of Blogs.

    The final was

    Panda vs Px15

    We extented the due date because a contestant wasn't going to be around.

    Unfortunately, only one contestant did a Blog and a very awesome Blog by the way, here is the link of the winning Blog --->

    Yes, the winner of the tournament and the first ever KING OF BLOGS is Pacifista15 A.K.A PX15.

    Congratulations for your blogs they were really enterta…

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  • Jonny16

    Blog Wars Final Round

    June 16, 2012 by Jonny16

    Ladies and Gentlemen, One Piece wiki Inc, is proud to present the exciting and Final ROUND of the 1st annual Blog Wars Tournament!!!

    (Fans screaming and chanting)

    The 2nd Round was really amazing we had awesome blogs from every contestants, this shows that everyone can make good Blogs if we put are hearts to it.

    Here are scores from last round:

    Panda: 28.2

    MJ: 16.9

    Rici: 25.9

    PX: 26.2

    Meji: 14.7

    The scores were close but the winners and the ones that will move on to the final round to be the Blog King/Queen 2012, are Panda and PX.

    Next Match: Panda vs Px

    3rd/final Round, Philosophical Analysing: This part relates to the series in a whole. For instance, why did Ace had to die for the series to advance.

    In order for YOU to make your blog, DancePowderer wi…

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  • Jonny16

    Blog Wars 2nd Round

    June 8, 2012 by Jonny16

    FINALLYYYY!!!! The first and exciting round is OVER!!!!

    We saw some interesting predictions coming from awesome users. Unfortunately, not all of the participants can make it to the next round. Here are the scores.

    MDM 22.2

    Panda 27.6

    Jopie 21.5

    Meji 22.9

    MJ 24.2

    ST 9

    DJ 0

    Kuro 19.5

    Rici 26.4

    PX 26

    The ones in bold are the ones moving on to the next round.

    Yes, there are now 5 contestants, how will we decide the match!?

    Matchups for Round 2

    MJ vs Panda

    Rici vs PX vs Meji (3-way match)

    Guys, this time its analysing. You choose your own topic.

    You got until Monday at noon to finish your blog. Your time zone does not matter.


    I wanted to address a small issue that occur in Round 1.

    About …

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  • Jonny16

    Blog Wars 1st Round

    June 5, 2012 by Jonny16

    Ladies and Gentlemen, One Piece wiki inc, is proud to present the very first Blog Wars 2012 Tournament.

    The hype as been going on for this to start, FINALLY it is starting!!!

    Here are the judges and contestants.

    Judges 1: DancePowderer 2: 1NFERNO 3: Imhungry4444

    Participants 1: Monkey.D.Me 2: Marcus Junior 3: Mejiaj1 4: Djolee5 5: JapaneseOPfan 6: Pandawarrior 7: KuroAshi98 8: Pacifista15 9: Ricizubi 10: SeaTerror

    So, contestants, there are 3 topics that will be divided into 3 rounds.

    1st Round, Prediction: Taking chapter, events or even charactar and predict something new or different.

    2nd Round, Analysing: Create or simply share your theories about an event or character.

    3rd/final Round, Philosophical Analysing: This part relates to the series i…

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  • Jonny16

    Blog Wars

    May 31, 2012 by Jonny16

    Hey guys,

    I was thinking about new and interesting activities for the wikia and came with this idea. "Blog Wars",

    what is that shit?...

    The rules are simple, 10 users need to register for the tournament by letting me know. The first 10 will be chosen, (if more users want to join we may be able to extend the number of competitors).

    Afterwards, the competitors will be facing off against another. (1vs1)

    Basically, they must make a Blog with a theme that the judges choses. PS: 3 judges will be chosen for this task.

    So the competitors will have to make a blog with a subject the judges choose, (one piece related)

    In the blog, competitors need to have, Humour, interesting facts, creativity, content. (bring your imagination)

    It could be predictions, backsto…

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