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Hello. I have not been here for so long and now I'm back and this is my first blog here. Here I want to express my expections about this series and how I no longer expect Oda to write his story our way.

Before the timeskip, before Chapter 490, I expected Oda to line the Shichibukais for the Straw Hat Pirates to beat up along the way. Say after Post-Enies Lobby Arc the Straw Hat Pirates cross the Florian Triangle and go to Fishman Island and beat up Jinbei, then travel a few islands to Doflamingo, countiuing this pattern to Gekko Moriah, Kuma, Boa Hancock and Blackbeard before entering the New World through Mariejois but it did not happen. I also thought they would reach the New World by chapter 1000. And by the time they reach Raftle it will be chapter 2000

I expected Kuma to be a stereotype priest, it turns out that he was normal. I expected the New Age to be an orgenzation started by Doflamingo, it wasn't. I expected Brook to be a new race, I kept forgetting that whatever something like that appears, it has to be a work of the Devil Fruit.

I expected Thriller Bark to have real ghost and zombies. Plus I did not expect Moriah to be there.

Everything I expect from Oda, he keeps turning the table. Now I read the series without expecting him to do this or that.

How about you guys? Have you ever expected much from him?