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I decided to create a blog that discuss this year's Reverie. I wonder how Oda's going to write this? When will it happen? Who will show up? What will they talk about? The end of the Shichibukai system? It would make sense to end the Shichibukai system. The Shichibukais don't listen to the Government, they would abuse the rank by doing what they please such as attempting to take over the kingdom (Doflamingo succeed at this fest) or building an army of zombies. Right now half of the Marines hates them, Issho hates them, Sakazuki hates them, Kizaru hates them, it would make since for it to be a topic of the Reverie.

Let's see what would happen to the Shichibukais if this rank was to disappear:

Kuma: Since he's a combat weapon working for the Government, I don't think they'll do anything to him.

Buggy: Poor Buggy, they will have to arrest him.

Mihawk: He may have to wonder the seas

Doflamingo: Since we all know he's gonna be beaten at the end of this arc and Issho gleefully revoking his rank. If this happens Riku might return to the throne once Doflamingo's true nature is revealed to the public.

Hancock: Since her rank is what protecting her kingdom from the Government, one would shutter to think what will happen to Amazon Lily if this system were to disappear