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I decided to create a new blog that has something to do with this wiki. Recently I'm not very happy with the state this wiki is in and against some users whose name I'm not going to say.

Back in 2006, few angry people from Wikipedia decided to come here. Why did they come here? They were angry at Wikipedia for deleting pages and pictures so they came here to seek freedom to create pages whatever they wish and import pictures doomed to be deleted to here. However I decided that giving this wiki many pages would make this wiki creative and fun to look at.

But that was not to be because after this wiki get's over 1000 pages people started to ignore the entire point of this wiki. Instead they starting deleting pages they deemed worthless like voice actors. They started to merge pages like Animal Species, timelines and many others. I tried to give this wiki pages that can focus on analysing the story and how Oda wrote the story but we can't because people deemed it pointless. It leads me to question on who is running the wikia.

This is One Piece encyclopedia where we write everything about One Piece including analysing the series, as the series is getting bigger and complex that this wiki should not be plot-only

At this rate I guess this page would never reach to 5,000 articles with all necessary pages getting deleted or merged