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Well now you might think if I'm about to pull another of what I pulled in 2014 about my rent about One Piece not being appealing enough, well not this time. This time around I stumped upon this interesting bits from Kotaku about how One Piece is doing in Japan and here we see that 20% of people have grown tired of the series while 70% are not.

Well, I cannot speak for you people and it's really up to you to think of your opinion here. For me since One Piece has gone on for almost 20 years, series that go that long was known to wear out and that is not very suprising despite many interesting things Oda threw in such as the Vinsmoke story, how Whole Cake Island has the Alice in Wonderland theme and the confrontation with Big Mom and Kaidou and many other interesting things, people are still growing tired and I can understand that however for me I still read the series and I do await for it to end. It's mostly due to how my interest has waned ovee the years and how Oda's health is not good that he needs to stop before he overwork himself to death.

And since it's strange how Oda is not close to the end with the series possibly to end around 120 volumes despite Oda saying that the series is 60-70% finish and according to the production notes; after Wano the Straw Hat Pirates have to find the 4th Road Poneglyph and after that it's Raftle and the big war so will it take another 39 volumes to complete the story? Come discuss ye dudes.