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So they finally announced it, they are going to bring in a One Piece live action television series on TV with a guy who worked as a producer on Prison Break involved in the project. Well will this series get a Game of Thornes treatment? Will it follow the original story? Will it be popular like Games of Thrones? Even Oda is excited by this news. However this is not going to be in Japanese, this is going to be made here in America, made by tomorrow studios.

Just imagine if this ever happened, this wiki is going to explode, we are going to end up covering the live action, compare the difference and increase more in page numbers.

It would be surprising if they made this series dark with less comedic nature as One Piece has many dark, serious moments of it's own but One Piece is mostly cartoony and goofy that it may not appeal American audience who don't want to watch a live action with goofiness in it so if they want to satisfy One Piece fans and those not familiar with the series may have to hire best writers who knows how to balance things out.

Doing this series can be very expansive as they must work on special effects and computer imagery. Plus with the series with so much details, it could be difficult to get things right.

I'm so looking for this live action series and how they will handle it or if it gets popular like the Games of Thrones