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Wow, I'm creating so many blogs. That's because I like to make blogs; blogs are cool. So your thinking "is this another comparison blog?" well it's not really an comparison blog but more like a review and a discussion because the other day I caught someone say "Magi is One Piece done right" and no I'm not making it up.

Let's review. Take note that I don't read the manga but I did research on the Magi wiki. I'll probably read the manga to research more. Magi is an Japanese version of Arabian Nights written by Shinobu Ohtaka and is released for Weekly Shonen Sunday. It follows three people, Aladdin, Alibaba and Morgiana. Two of them have their own Djinns. They use magic, explore dungeons and deal with Empires. Like One Piece it does a world building style. It also have a strong cultural reference and is based on the ancient Old World. The art is not sketchy like One Piece.

So what's the plot of this series? The plot is very deep and complex due to characters dealing with conflicts of the world. One Piece however is fine on it's own. One Piece is getting complex and deep. The only difference between the series is the One Piece is unpredictable. Magi is not.